Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy March and 8months

Howdy Howdy!!!

Thanks for the St. Patrick's day shout out. I can't believe it's been eight months! Holy cow time is flying by. So I was going to send you some pics today and I grabbed the wrong cord that hooks to the computer and my camera. Instead I grabbed the cord that hooks to the camera and my digital photo deal that you gave me for Christmas.
And your Going to Denmark, huh.I definitely already figured you would make it there while on my mission, so it sort of came as a surprise and sorta was expected. When do you guys go? You'll have to send me tons of pics. I'm really excited to get some more pics and video's of the wedding. I want to hear brenden's song he played,etc. Well it's been a wonderful week. We have a recent convert
who has not been coming to church and she was living with her boyfriend. She has two kids, 13 and 10, and the ten year old wants to get baptized. Well yesterday we got a surprise and saw the whole family and the boyfriend at church and they stayed all three hours. I guess the boyfriend is actually fiance now, but we've became good
friends with him. He txt us a week ago asking us when he could get the lessons and yesterday he asked if he could get baptized in 4 weeks,b/c that's when Tonga leaves. So we are super excited. We haven't even taught him the first lesson though. Every time we've been over it's been kinda crazy, and just haven't been able to teach that, but we've
answered lots of his questions. He has to get married, stop smoking,and stop drinking, but miracles are possible. so we are way excited about that. The work continues to move forward and I'll get you pics next week.

Hey Dad!!
this week was a great week. We got a referral from
headquarters telling us about a youth minister who is involved in a inner-faith class at theology school and he wanted to talk to representatives of the church. So we went and contacted him that day and spent about an hour and a half talking to him about what we believe. We answered all his questions and he was an open and nice
guy. we got to teach him a lot of stuff, but in brief terms. It's conversations like that, that I wish we could have with everyone. I can respect someone like that man. We hope he calls us back, b/c he wasn't sure when we could meet with him again. hopefully we can drop by and teach him more. I realize he was doing it for a college course,
but I want to teach him more.
That's stinking crazy about the Avalanche deal. The Lord watches out for us. I heard a story the other day, it wasn't true but more like a poem type thing, and it talked about a woman who had all kinds of things that she felt made her day terrible. Like being late to important meetings and stuff. She talked to God and asked why that all
happened, being kind of mad at him. Then he goes on to explain all the things she was protected from, and everything she thought was wrong, was actually God protecting her and watching over her. So the
avalanche story made me think of that. I'm so grateful to hear you guys are ok. I pray for you all every day and that just goes to show my prayers are being answered in another way. So in study I've been going through the Book of Mormon slowly and reading through the New Testament. I'm about half way through Luke. Everything I read I'm thinking about how I can use the scriptures in
my teaching. every day things are reaffirmed that all that I stand for and teach is true. I absolutely love the scriptures. Well I hope you have another great and blessed week. I love you tons

Elder Hatfield