Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20, 2012

o here are some pics from this last week. The pic with all green is
on St. Patty's day. So the Prison is just across the street from where we live and apparently the governor from Illinois that got in big trouble is going there for prison. So we're famous.lol. Last week we went mountain biking and the pic with elder Tonga riding the bike has the city of Denver right behind him. Later that day we went and played some baseball and that was soooo fun=) Last night we went to a tongan lady's home for dinner and she made us some Tongan food. She made this drink called otai and it's basically a bunch of fruit mashed up together, and it's delicious. She also made us muscles and I tried it. It wasn't too bad. Then there were some roots, I forget what they're called, but they weren't bad. so it was cool

I'm glad to hear you got the pics!! I'm trying to take more b/c i just
haven't taken enough and these are times to remember. So I will only be w/ Elder Tonga for this transfer and then he's headed home, so basically two more weeks we'll be together. I'm definately glad to at least have had him as a companion for one transfer. We get along great, we feel the spirit a lot, and we're getting work done. It's really nice. This last week I was on exchanges for two days and b/c the weather was gorgeous people started to come out of there homes. So we went and talked to a lot of people. One lady was really cool. She is from Brazil and she said she had seen guys like us around there all the time. She talked about how beautiful the temple was, but that she wasn't able to go into it. We went on to explain the difference between church and temple. She was catholic but not practicing much, so we gave her a B.O.M and she was excited for it. We only were able to get her email, so our ward mission leader emailed to try and schedule an appointment, but she'll be going back to Brazil for 3 months. The good news though is she already started reading the B.O.M.
and went to mormon.org, and loved it. Thanks for all the pics!! That was way cool to see everyone and get some stuff from the receptions. Looks like it all went great. Sounds like spring break will be way cool.  That's awesome that President Miller spoke on staying out of debt and you've already followed the council of the General Authorities. That's something I am now so grateful to you and Dad for, and that's always seeking guidance from the spirit and heeding to the council of the Prophet and Apostles. What a great blesssing it brings when you do. I'm excited to see you guys get this new house. It will be fun and enjoyable for you all.

Dad, You are right, it was a hard transfer last transfer. I'm grateful for the experience though. Elder Tonga is great. He goes home in two weeks but he want's to finish out strong. He loves this gospel and he's a hard worker so we really get things done. It's really cool how the Lord works in our lives. This last Friday night we were planning for the coming day and for the life of me I couldn't think of who we could go see. Well in the morning we get a call from some other Elder's who asked us if we could help one of
their investigators move, b/c apparently their day was full of
appointments. He also said it should only take 45 minutes (it took 5 hours). but it was great. Come to find out this lady was being
foreclosed on and I could see why. She was very kind, woman in her early 50's, and apparently she had been unemployed for two years. Her house was an absolute mess. It was almost as bad as and evicted house I got to help clean out earlier in my mission. I can't even express how utterly dirty this place was. The thing that really stunk was the other missionaries didn't give us any warning about it, so we did it all in our proselyting clothes. So needless to say our clothes were disgusting after it all. It was Elder Tonga and I, and then one other old man who helped us clean this place out and get all her things put into a uhaul. I'm grateful we were there, otherwise she wouldn't have had half of her stuff out of the house in time. After it was all said and done, I reflected on the previous night where I couldn't think of anyone to see and how I prayed that our day would be made full, and look what happened. The Lord has a plan for us and he answers our prayers. It also sounds like the receptions have been going great and that you have a fun spring break planned. Well It's so good to hear from ya=) I love you all very much and appreciate all your love and support. continue to have great weeks full of
blessings. Love ya

Elder Hatfield