Monday, August 8, 2011

Aug 8 ltr

Hello Family!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!! Holy Cow, crazy how time flies. It sounds like things are going great for all of you. Thats good to hear. That's way cool that you got to go to the cabin and baumgartners. I miss that but there is things I need to do here. I did get your package and thank you so much. The cookies are amazing as always, the only problem is they make me but ill sacrafice that.  That's too bad Michelle Warbis isnt your visiting teacher anymore. Make sure you tell her hi for me. That is also way cool that your going on a canoeing trip in Canada. I wanna go do that somday. I hope your shoulder starts to get better. Dad you need to get it checked out. Thats not good.  We missionaries also promote here in Colorado. We have pass along cards for it for whoever we feel we should give it to. Its a great site from what I've sort of seen, and it can answer a lot of questions. Yes I did get my bike this week and its awesome. One question I have is whether or not we bought disc breaks. It didn't come with it which Im totally fine with, but I wanted to make sure. Anyway this last week was a tough one. We rode bikes to a lot of places and people just weren't home. We managed to get 15 lessons this last week and i was frustrated with that. We need some more investigators for one, but we went a lot of places just to knock on an empty house. saturday it was night and we were tired of striking out so we looked at all the positive things that happened, and it made me feel a little bettter. Like we did accomplish some things. Mikey who is one of our investigators, met with us once this week. He is an interesting fellow. I love him to death. He is a rags to riches to rags story. He is the kind of guy who drinks, smokes, and has a foul mouth, but would drop what he's doing to go help someone out. he is so intelligent and it takes us a long time to get through one lesson b/c he has so many questions. he hasn't believed in God at all and he believes Christ was real but just a good man. He believes in good human nature. But in meeting w/ him this last week he said that the missionaries over the last while have opened his eyes a little bit and he's starting to accept that there is a higher power. So that was really cool. We also talked to Sunnye who is a old very opinionated wonderful lady. She believes Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are separate beings and believes in the atonement, but one concern that Ive never heard from a christian is she doesnt believe in prophets per say. She believes people prophecy, but basically anyone can prophecy so anyway. Not even the Bible prophets does she believe were "prophets."  well its short so sorry, but I hope things continue to go well. I pray for you always. I love all of you

Elder Hatfield