Monday, August 1, 2011

Phone Call from Colorado!

Yesterday (Sunday) We had just returned home from a wonderful Family Reunion.  Of course, the first place I go is the mail box, hoping for a sweet letter from Josh!  Yes, a letter was in there.  Well We found out that he is in Aurora Colorado, and his companion is Elder Lindstrom from Tacoma Washington.  So because I'm on the Missionary Mom's site (which is awesome!!) I knew Elder Lindstrom's mom was on the site also, so I emailed her.  So she is texting me on my phone and sending me some pictures of her son and their apartment and I get a call on my home phone.  Uh oh this can't be good, it reminded me of that call from the Principle Josh's first week in kindergarten.  Well it was a Member who lives in the same apartment complex as our missionaries.  She told us that Josh is fine and doing well, a little homesick, but will get over it.  Then she told us that these two missionaries will move mountains, together they are powerful. 

She told us about a group of heavily tattooed guys who are pretty rough,  that live in their apartment complex.  One of the big black guys was bragging about his new tattoo with the writing "Heartless"  Josh said, "You can't be heartless, because you're talking to me and you love me man!"  The guy said you're right and gave him a big hug!  She said that Elder Hatfield genuinely loves the people and you can feel it about him. 

Also:  Josh who we call the Professor because our grammar had to be just so, well that apparently has become obsolete while on a mission!  (to meet, is spelled meat; btw (by the way) b/c (because) w/...(with ....) BOM (Book of Mormon) LOL (laugh out loud or lots of laugh ha ha)