Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15

How are all of you? it sounds like things have been great this last week for all of you. I know my week was great. This week we actually got to talk to a lot of people b/c they were home so that was really nice. We have a new investigator who i feel will get baptized sometime next transfer. But Whitney Follett is engaged?!! Holy crap that's crazy. Tell her congrats for me and tell her I better get an invitation even though I won't make it. And then Bryson got his mission call. That's awesome. tell him congrats too. since I got to the apartment its gotten a lot cleaner, in fact today at some point I'll be rearranging things.  So sorta funny story. Im emailing you late today b/c we helped out an investigators friend move out all the stuff we could out of this house b/c they were being evicted. So this house was like a hoarding house and it smelt terrible. But we moved a bunch of stuff out in just an hour. In the basement we found a little room that was actually used for growing weed. Great for missionaries right? So after having to smell that disgusting house for awhile we found out that anything we wanted, that was brought out of the house, we could take. So I took two interesting bibles that I'll send home eventually, we got monopoly, a bookcase that we really need, and an original painting thats legit. It will look good in our apartment. so that was kind of a fun day for today.  The crazy thing was all week at least some point during each day, talk about the signs of the second coming was brought up. We even had to teach gospel principles and the topic was on signs of the second coming.We got a lot of work to do and the signs really are among us. So that's been one really cool thing. We also had the chance to go visit another member family who is in another ward ,but the wife is deaf and Elder Lindstrom knows sign language so we got to teach her. This lady goes to church every sunday and no one signs to her for those three hours. Long story short, she can't read, is from Mexico, and only knows basic sign language, but she's been sealed to her family and the spirit was so strong when "talking" to her. She basically relies on the power of the spirit and faith. How cool is that? She quite an amazing person. I got to meet with the mission president on Saturday too. he is an amazing man and truly inspired. anyway me and Elder Lindstrom met w/ him about 10 minutes each and we each fill out a questionaire telling him how we would rate ourselves as a missionary. Basically he told me that he needed me to become a powerful missionary so that I can help other missionaries out as soon as I can. so that was really cool and I'm going to continually work on being better.  Anyway I'm glad to hear all is well. I love all of you very much and pray for you every day. This church is the true church of Christ and we all have so much work to do in these last days. It says in the scriptures that we need to warn our neighbors and we truly do. It is our responsibility to do so. Let us all press on and God Speed!


Elder Hatfield
P.S. I sent the phonasa family a letter and gave each of the kids a little shirt card that was also supposed to get to you. The scripture reference was 2 Samuel 6:14=)