Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

It sounds like things are going great for all of you. Talise drove the Bandit to Gooding. Wow I'm impressed.I got a letter from Lauria, Grandma Lynnda, and Momma Day this week. It was great to hear from all of them. Momma Day asked if I needed anything and I don't, but I can always use more ties=)  so guess What? Two weeks from today I get to go to a Rockies Game!! We can only go to games that start at 1 on a P-day and in two weeks we have one like that. It's the only game that they have like that, in their entire season(if that made sense). So it was a great week this last week. We still struggle to get a lot of lessons, but it was still full of good things. We had a chance to have family home eveing with the Sipple family. Bro. Sipple isn't a member and he is our most solid investigator. we get to finally teach him real lessons this week, and I know that he's going to be baptized soon. We also got caught riding our bikes in a rainstorm and that was fun b/c we literally smelled like wet dogs after it was all said and done, but o well. That night we went on splits w/ bro. hinckley and we didnt find anyone to teach, but we had a good talk the whole time we were trying. it was really interesting and fun to hear him talk about things. he's a great ward mission leader and wayyyy intelligent. On Wednesday we got to meet with Nash Moore, our investigator that has been active for 7 years and hasn't got baptized. we based our lesson off of Pres. Uchtdorf's talk in conference "On the Road to Domascus." It was a great lesson, and hopefully he'll find the answer he's looking for. For study on Thursday we watched a video on how important it is to include all the members in missionary work. I look back on how I was as a member and I can see how I want to become when I'm not a full-time missionary. we all have a huge responsibility as member to keep the missionary work moving forward. I want to have a better relationship with the full-time missionaries when I get back and help them so the work will move forward faster.Saturday was a rough day b/c we couldn't run into anybody it seemed like, but we had a member family make ribs for us for lunch, so of course that was awesome. Then yesterday we taught a less-active, robin haney. she's a great lady, and come to find out she split with her boyfriend that she was going to get married to soon. She's in her 40's and she's really trying hard to make the right steps. We had a great spiritual discussion w/ her and I used an activity that we did as a district in the MTC. I read Jacob 5:70-72 and we talked about it. Then I gave her a challenge to read it one night, and answer the question "how has this knowledge impacted the way you have labored in the lords vineyard?" I was thinking about that meeting last night and its my goal to get her to the temple as soon as we can, b/c she is really making huge sacrifices to choose the right, and she's struggling financially and lot's of other ways too. So this last week was really good. I finally got to weigh myself too, and with all my proselyting stuff on, I weighed 182. So basically I weigh close to 180. i'm not really worried though, b/c every monday, wednesday, and friday we go to a cross fit class at the church from 6a.m.-7. Then every tuesday and thursday, I play basketball from 530-630 and after that I do my own workout at the apartment.  O ya and last night we met w/ a guy that's living w/ Bro. Hinckey(they're friends). For the last year he's been trying to do the right things so he can get baptized, and he'll be meeting w/ our mission president soon to see if he is ready. I think he is. So we may get him baptized really soon, even though I didn't do anything to teach him, other missionaries did. so that's way cool. Well I hope all continues to go well with all of you. My prayers go out to you. I love this Gospel and all of you!
Elder hatfield