Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 3, 2011

I am absolutely great! This last week was the best yet. We got 22 lessons with one new investigator and a couple of referrals to try. Friday morning we got a surprise call from President Maynes and he wanted to join us for weekly planning.  Anyway it lasts for two hours and you plan for all things in the coming week. I have to admit that I was nervous, but man was I glad to have him there. President seemed to have an answer for every problem we are facing in teaching. He is such an inspired man and I just love him. It was by far the best planning we have had yet b/c of all the advice he gave us. Saturday we watched both sessions w/ the :)family. They are awesome. This weekend we should be getting Bro.:)BAPTIZED!!!!! So stoked for that. We just need to get him interviewed this week and I'm confident that it will happen this weekend. He has grown so much and is the investigator every missionary dreams of, so I'm blessed that way. Saturday's session was awesome. I loved all the talks, but I especially loved Packers talk on how young people are being raised in "enemy territory" Its kind of scary, but I like to think of it as a challenge to do all we can to make it better. I also loved Uchtdorf's talk and Christopherson's talk on repentance. Priesthood Session was unbelievably amazing too. Every single talk was powerful. Elder Holland is a stud. He is so powerful and I love how he lays down the law and tells it how it is. Maybe b/c we can be like that.lol. The first presidency also had amazing talks. I loved the quote Pres. Monson shared  about a guy who said, "my strength is as the strength as 10 because my heart is pure." Wow! Sunday was amazing too. We went to Bro. for breakfast and had cinnamon rolls. Again I loved the talks. Tad R. Callister had a great one on the Book of Mormon. He is so intelligent and what he brings to the table, nobody can argue with him. he was actually Elder Lindstrom's older brothers mission pres. He wrote the book called "The Infinite Atonement" and if you haven't read it I hear its awesome. Pres. Monson had a great talk as well talking about how the moral compass of society has changed. The 10 commandments have become the 10 suggestions. Boy isn't that the truth. There's so much I could write about, but not enough time. Bro. and Sister surprised me right before the second session w/ Lutie Rolls!! Sooooo Gooooood. Thanks for sending them the recipe. They're awesome and they do a lot for us.

This morning all during personal study I read and pondered 1 corintheans 13 for the whole hour. I felt in pondering about it that there is more to it if we sit and ponder what its trying to say.

I continue to pray about the house. Continue to keep your unwavering faith. The lord answers our prayers, but they are on his time. All is well and great things shall come.

 I would also really like to get my winter gear here when its possible to send it. I'm not sure when the weather will change, but it's like idaho where your never sure what the weather will be like. We've been having cold and hot days so it would be great to have those things just in case. go ahead and send it before transfers too.

Well I love you so much and thank you for all you do. May God be with you Always

Elder Hatfield