Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Surprise!!!

I'm glad you made it back safe from Canada and still found a way to have a good time. It sounds like you got away from chaos and went to canada to have some more i'm surprised dad liked eating the fish that he caught. That would be a blast to go fishing. I got to see Brenden and Jill!!! That was such a great surprise. It was such a treat. I wasn't sure how to act. I know it happened, but honestly it just felt like a dream and then I went back to missionary work. It felt like I had just seen brenden only a few days ago. Weird how that works. And Jill lives so close, so that's kinda cool to hear.

So my week was great! The highlight was definately having Brenden and Jill see me. But we had zone conference this last weekend and it was legit. We talked about fighting discouragement and those things were good to hear.  Wednesday we had another lesson w/ Bro. *** and I love that guy. We taught him the rest of the commandments and talked about some other spiritual things. We also got him to go to a baptism on Saturday and he said he felt the spirit stronger there, than at any other time. We're going to try and watch a session of conference w/ their family this weekend. I feel like this is perfect timing for him especially having General Conference, so the next step is to get him bapitized and I know he will.

yesterday during sacrament meeting one of the young women in our ward talked about here baby sister and how it was very sick with a fever. This young woman was very concerned about her little sister, more so than I would have guessed. She talked about how we came over that day and were able to give the little sister a priesthood blessing, since all the priesthood holders that live in the home were gone. She then went on to say that the little girl was back to herself again in about an hour. That was really cool to hear how the Lord has a hand in things. We also got to work w/ all the youth yesterday, the last two hours of church, focusing on We had a really good time and I'm slo glad that the ward is getting more and more excited about this. the youth will definately do a little more and they've already started giving cards to their friends and stuff. I'm way excited to have this thing start.
And I also got your package. It was awesome thank you!! The leather was delicious, so good job on that.

o ya so is it possible to send the lutie roll recipe to bro. ***? I don't have his email so you may just have to facebook him and ask for his email, but he said if he got the recipe they could make it General Conference weekend. Idk if we do that since its a family recipe and all so it's good if you don't.

It was so good to hear from ya and find out you made it back alive. Keep the faith. I love you so  much!

Elder Hatfield