Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh I almost forgot!!

Hey Dad!!
Man it has been so long since I have snowmobiled its crazy. I definately miss those times that we went but it sounds like you had fun at Thanksgiving.  I can't believe how old the cousins seem to look. It just doesn't seem right. It's weird. Well the week wasn't bad as far as getting to teach people. We were able to teach a lot more less-actives than investigators though. We got one less active who came to church for the 2 time in three weeks. It was awesome to see her there. She has a lot going on in her life. She is around 50 and has had a rough life. She grew up in the church but ever since she was 15 she started smoking. She has not taken the sacrament since then b/c she felt so guilty, which was good, but she just hasn't changed until now. I guess her mom who is a current temple recommend holder has told her siblings and others lies about her and she has to deal with a lot of that. Most of her 10 siblings won't talk to her for some reason. Granted I only had one side of the story, but it's sad to see that. I hope to be able to continue to help her. She is going to school full time, no work, her youngest son living w/ her and times are hard. She's coming along though. Coming to church and becoming active will bring so many blessings and comfort to her. We have another less-active who is frustrating. He want's to get back to the temple, but makes up an excuse every time to not come to church. So I'm tired of not seeing him there. I don't know what to do. He is a guy that needs to be punched in the face with the spirit and we've done that before, but it hasn't done enough. We're going to have to have another heart to heart with him and bring down the hammer or something. That's the only way to get through his thick skull. He's an amazing guy and great family. We are going to spend Christmas day at his house, but I want to see him make the right changes. So I'll keep you updated on that. Well have a great week. It sounds like Thanksgiving was great. I heard about the zipline shooting. That is legit. We'll talk to ya later. Love ya

Elder Hatfield

Hey mom!!
The package is awesome!! I'm so excited it's Christmas. I'll send some pics next week of what the apartment looks like. I'm out of stamps so Ill have to go get some. Well Thanksgiving was awesome. It was different but awesome. In the morning we went and played a little football with the missionaries, but we ended up playing more soccer than football. After that we went to Bro. ** and played board games and fed our face. They made Lutie rolls and they love the recipe. The food was delicious! We had such a great time. Then from 830 to 930 we went to sis. J to finish off the night and we played the game 'what if'. It was a lot of fun and I'm grateful for all the loving people I have around me. They're great.  I'm disappointed b/c she is moving in three weeks, so at least I'll only have three weeks in the area when she isn't there. It sounds like you guys had a great time at the Cabin. I missed it but o well. Sounds like it was a lot different this year, but I'm glad to hear you had fun. So I almost forgot to tell you. They made me District Leader. Don't know that I'm very excited about it, but I'm willing to do whatever the Lord desires of me. It should be good. I love my district here so it will be great. Thanks for the quote that is awesome. I know that I didn't send you much in the package but I have some plans for what I'm going to send you for Christmas so you'll get something better I promise. I love you so much and miss ya, but this work is amazing. I love this gospel and love being a missionary. Have a great week.

Elder hatfield