Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving week

Well we confirmed this week that the 10 year old girl that we've been teaching will be baptized on the 10 of December. Hopefully we'll be teaching her parents soon too. I can't believe this is the last week of my third transfer. It's flying by. It just seems so crazy that one more transfer and I'll have been out for six months!! Its going by way too quick. I feel like we don't have enough time to teach people and a lot of them focus too much of their lives on worldly things. The area is coming along though. I'll let you know a little more about when you read Dad's letter. I'm doing well though. Here are some more pics that you can choose from that I thought you could look at. And we made sure our tags were showing. The pics are on Elder Curths camera card and Idk if it worked or not. It won't show up on my computer for some reason so I hope it works for you.  I love you Mom!=)

Elder Hatfield

Hey Dad!!

Well this last week has been our best this transfer. Thing's just went pretty well. we got in to see some investigators that we haven't for awhile. We have a baptism for the 10 year old girl we've been teaching set up now. We actually set another guy on date for December 17, so we really hope and pray that he will truly work towards that. He needs to get to church, but me and Elder Curth felt like we needed to set him for that date. The best part about this week was that we have really started to teach better together. It comes with a lot of things, but it's been great. Also this week I finished the Book of Mormon! That was a big deal for me. It was awesome. I finished it this morning actually. I could have done it faster but I would read over things to make sure it made sense and sometime I'd write in my study journal for certain things, but I have officially read all the way through it cover to cover. So we met some new people this week. The most interesting one I thought, was this guy that we tracted into. He grew up Christian but apparently could never get past the fact the Heavenly Father would sacrafice his son Jesus Christ. I guess that really bothers him and he likes the muslim belief that Christ was a great teacher. So I learned a little bit about what they believe and we got to share the restoration with him, in quick and short version. Hopefully we can go back and talk to him again. I don't think that was his intentions, but we'll see if we can. This last week I also got to read over some of the talks from conference and one of my favorites was the one from Tad R. Callister "The book of Mormon."  A lot of his work makes so much sense and if you don't have a book by him, my guess is it's going to be pretty good. What I like most about him is he uses logic in things. In his Conference talk he just uses so much sense that people really can't fully deny his and our claims and testimonies. of course everyone can deny it but you know what I mean. I really like how he makes sense of these things. Another guy we taught this week was a youth pastor. We actually didn't have an aptmt. w/ him until December 8, but we dropped by anyway. And we ended up being there for an hour. He had a lot of great questions and I thought it was very good. I felt a little frustrated at times, b/c I felt like maybe we were trying to prove him in scripture. doing that really scares me and I don't like it. But I think that it went well. It was good for both sides. It gave us all things to think about. I think that when we meet w/ him next time we're going to have an even better experience. I really like him b/c he does have a degree in theology or something, but I feel like he is trying to see if this is right. He's a great christian guy and I hope and pray that he will come to know the truth. So we'll see in a few weeks how he progresses.

Well Bro. ** is no longer ward mission leader. he got released yesterday and our assistant Ward Mission leader was called to take his place. I'm pretty sad about that but it will be all good. Our new ward mission leader is a great guy and we can learn a lot from him as well.

It's good to hear business is booming. I like to hear that you guys are continuing to be blessed w/ a multiplicity of blessings. O and be sure to tell everyone at your work I say hi.

Me and my companion are doing great. We are still continuing to work together and love each other. I do love him. he is my son in mission terms. I know that we can do great things together and the Lord has plans for us.

Have a great Thanksgiving! I know that I am truly grateful for all that you, mom, Brenden, and talise do for me. I love you guys

Elder Hatfield