Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Bro's engaged!!

Hey Mom!!!

Brenden is getting married and he's engaged!! o my flip I'm excited.lol. It sucks  I can't be there and all, but I'm a proud brother. I don't have any doubt in my mind now that she is the one for him. She seems like a real winner and I love how she got 2 hugs from gramps. She has got to be something else if he gives 2 hugs! I got the stamps and thank you b/c I just ran out and I have lots of letters I need to send to people. The Christmas Cards have not arrived yet but I'm sure I'll get them soon. Brenden actually sent the link to Chins video and he did a dang good job. I probably watched it like 5 times and it's just fun to see the family and that special moment. They're quite the dancers too. Who knew Brenden could move like that.lol. That was cool to watch. Teaching is going. We had a great week this week and taught 23 lessons, which is a lot for us. It set a new record for us. our highest last transfer was 17. We still have a baptism this week too. I'm way excited and the little girl is too. We will probably get to start teaching her mom soon too so pray for that. The Lord greatly blessed us though. Things just kept working out and people were home and letting us in. We got to teach a Muslim guy this week and he is a really nice guy.  he was raised Christian, but didn't believe some of the things and he thought that we should just worship God. I really like the guy and I think that as we start teaching him more, he is going to come around and the spirit will touch him. We decorated the apartment and we are going to do the gingerbread village today. We are still thinking about what family or person we want to secret santa but I think it will be this less active that is going through a hard time. I will get a lettter to the primary soon as well. I actually met someone here that lived in Tuscany right across victory. They were in our stake and everything. That was way cool. It was the daughter and her family of an older couple in our ward who is from Nampa. Anyway that was cool to know they knew the area. Well I hope you have a blessed and jolly week. sounds like things have been really exciting lately. I love and Miss you a bunch!!!!!!!

Elder Hatfield

Hey Dad!!

Well it has definately got a lot chillier here. It's been in the 20's and in the evening when it gets dark it gets to the teens the last couple days. It's snowed the last couple days too and that has been fun. We still rode our bikes b/c walking is so much slower. So its been a bit nippy. I love the 'If you could hie to kolob" and it's definately very uplifting. I can't believe Brenden is engaged!! I knew it was going to happen and he was going to propose but its so cool. I got to see the movie clip Chin made and that was impressive. I couldn't stop watching it, it was so fun and exciting to see. I almost thought about shedding a tear it was so exciting. Wow I'm proud of my bro and this is definately the girl for him. I can't wait to see the two of them together someday. I'm glad to see that Talise will have a sister now. That's awesome. I definately know that the Lord is preparing someone for me and I look forward to that day but I have much to do before then. I'm glad I'm a missionary right now. I know that when the wedding day comes I'll be sad not to be there, but I'll just have to have the best day of my mission that day to make up for it I guess=) Well this last week was amazing. We got 23 total lessons and that has not happened in a very very very long time in the meadowood area. We were so blessed. We would walk up to people's doors that we haven't seen in a long time and much to our surprise they would open the door. And we really were surprised. It seemed like things just kept working out for us and that doesn't happen that much.lol. On Saturday night we had nothing to do. It had snowed that day, it was dark and we were freezing, with around 2 hours of the day left. We tried someone and they didn't answer and so we prayed to know where to go. We felt like we should go to a less-active who lives forever away but we rode our bikes there anyway. He let us in and we asked him if we could do anything for him and he continually said no, but we got to chat with him and leave him with a prayer. Then we started biking again and decided to go to a members home. It just so happened that their oldest daughter who is less active, was there and we got to share a spiritual thought with the mom and her daughter. Come to find out it was exactly what the daughter needed to hear and she started crying. She said it doesn't cease to amaze her when the missionaries seem to come by and share the right message when she needed it. It was way cool to see that we did what we needed to. I don't know if we were supposed to see the first less-active that we went to, but we know something went right. Well sounds like things are exciting and going well. Have a blessed and wonderful week. I love you

 Elder Hatfield