Monday, December 19, 2011

One Week Until Christmas!!!!!!

Brrrr Merry Christmas
Thanks for the skype info. I will get to them and have them email you their information. I'm way excited to hear from you. It was the policy before that we couldn't do skype, but they changed it this year! I'm stoked.  Sis. :) called me this morning and said she got your package so I'm excited to see it. I will be hopefully sending a package off to you guys on Wednesday or Thursday. I'd send it earlier but I can't get something until then. I hope your going to like it. We are finishing our decorations for the apartment today and I will take pics and have them sent to you, so hopefully you see them before Christmas.  The baptism was definately a blessing. It's kind of funny b/c whenever we see *** or her little brother ryan, we get hugs. She also has a friend that we met at her baptism that isn't a member and after going to that and going to church a couple time, she wants to be baptized. We barely know her and she comes and gives us hugs, which of course we try to always shy away from as missionaries. So hopefully we can talk to her parents that we don't know, and see if we can teach them. We'll see. We also met a cool investigator this last week that was pretty cool. We were planning the night before and the thought came to me that we should go see this guys that we talked to once before.  On Sunday I'll definately have to tell you about our secret santa experience. We had a close call last night and it is pretty funny. Hopefully they don't catch us in the action.

Well I can't wait to hear from y'all on Sunday! I'm definately looking forward to it. Until then have a fantastic Christmas week. I love ya!!!

Elder Hatfield