Monday, February 27, 2012

my Bro is Married and I have a new Sister in Law!

Hahaha wow I can't stop smiling=) It sounds like it was an absolutely unbelievable wedding!! I have to tell you that as far as teaching a lot of lessons that day it didn't work out. We had a lot fall through,but I definately had a great day. It was such a blessed week. My companion is so Legit! His name is elder Tonga and he is from Tonga.
This is his last transfer on his mission and i was worried that he would be trunky, but he is a hard worker and wants to finish out his mission strong. he's a great teacher and example to me. He is definitely a well experienced missionary. They kept me as district leader  but I had 4 out of the 6 people in my district leave. We had sisters come in and white wash the area, so it's a little different
having them in the district, but nothing new really. I had them in my
last area for the whole time pretty much and they're great
missionaries. I feel greatly blessed though to have elder Tonga as my companion. I really needed someone like him as a companion.we are seeing work come along here. Hopefully we will have a baptism this transfer before Tonga leaves, so please continue to pray for our success. I really look forward to this transfer, b/c great things are going to happen.
I love Bobby's advice that he gave to Brenden, ha ha ha. I couldn't stop laughing after I read that. That is really cool that Brenden's mission president came and spoke
with him. And that the sealer spoke with both of them.
Brenden says he's going to write a snail mail to me
well dad I can tell you that we as your kids are blessed to have parents like you and mom. As i reflect on my life I know that our family was foreordained to be together. That you and mom were perfect parents for me. you led the household as a worthy patriarch and priesthood holder, and mom led as the loving and caring matriarch. You
guys set and continue to set the example as eternal companions, as parents, as members of the Lord's church, and as children of our Father in Heaven. I'm greatly blessed to be on a mission now. 
If Brenden got married before my mission, I just would not have been able to feel or understand that eternal principle of marriage, at least like I would now. Just thinking about it today, I know that I was supposed to be on a mission while Brenden was married. I do not understand most of the reasons, but I am grateful to recognize that
one thing. that I just would not have ever recognized the importance of it, like I do now.
I love you dad. Have another wonderful week
Elder Hatfield

Hello Mom!!!
Thanks for all the pics you and dad sent me. I was so looking forward to seeing them. On Friday night cousin Jill dropped off a short letter, a pic of Brenden and McCarty off of Facebook, and croissants. Apparently I had just missed her when I got home. I was so glad to see
that. She wrote her number down so we could call her, but I couldn't make out one of the numbers so I couldn't txt her thank you. I was very grateful for that. Well my new companion, Elder Tonga from Tonga,is awesome! I love him already and we got along right off the bat. We have a great time together.
Saturday night we got a call from a member of the Bishopric asking us to speak on Sunday. Of course I had to do some things District Leaders do on Saturday evening so I was up until about 10:30 that night doing that, and hadn't had any time to prepare or work on my talk. Then at 820 in the morning we had ward counsel so I woke up early to
prepare some things in my talk and I worked on it a little bit in priesthood. The topic was on Forgiveness. I wish I had a tape recorder so I could have sent it to you, but it went well. For awhile I thought I was just talking, but by the end of it I found myself not even really thinking about what I was saying, and things were flowing out of my mouth. I remember a moment towards the end of my talk where I realized something i just said, and it didn't really come from my mind, but was said for me. I thought that was really cool.
Wow was I excited to know my bro was getting married. I've been thinking about it all weekend. It didn't deter me from my missionary work, but it was definately on my mind, b/c I was just flat out excited. It sounds like it was a spiritual experience to remember.
Brenden said he was going to send me a snail mail, so I hope he shares some of the spiritual experience he had on his wedding day.  That's pretty special that McCarty's grandparent's came to the wedding. Again that tells me
too that there was something different about this wedding.=) On the wedding day i was just excited. A lot of appointments fell through,but it was still a great day. I don't know, I just felt a reassurance feeling of how right this was. I didn't cry or anything yet, but I might shed some tears in your snail mail to me or maybe Brenden's. I
don't know. All I could do was smile. Just like I did at Christmas on Skype=)
Well the missionary work moves forth. I continue to learn and grow. I really look forward to what is to come this transfer. I'm sure I'll have stories to tell you. I have a lot to learn from Elder tonga and am blessed to have him for his last transfer. I love ya mom! Have a
great week
Elder Hatfield