Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!! I'm glad to hear the Klondike went well.
I know I always loved doing that when I was younger. I totally want to do that again someday. Thank you so much for the Package!!! It was awesome. I got it on saturday and the croissants were gone by sunday=) We actually have a costco right by us, but no costco card so we can't go in. The cookies were pretty much awesome too. Thanks for sending the thing on NNU. That's cool to hear they were voted to be second and even had two first place votes. I think I will have some work cut out for me when I get back, but I'll worry about that when it matters. I need to write Coach Onofrei soon. That's great to hear Zach Holt is ready for the mission.  I hope you told him congrats for me. So I went hitting on Monday last week and it was way fun. It took me a second to get the hang of things but it came back. The member is an infield and hitting coach at Metro State and he played Double AA ball. I just had to ask him how my mechanics were, just to see what he thought, and he liked them. There was just little things I could change. He gave me all kinds of game situations and was trying to strike me out, and he lost most of the time.lol. We had a good time. Most P-days we just go to the stake center and play basketball or soccer. It's nice to get some excercise and be active. I'm way out of shape though. So I talked to my stake President Jackson out here and he actually served as a missionary in Denmark, and guess who his Mission President was? Our home stake patriarch. Dang I'm totally blankin on his name right now....O ya Grant ipson I think. I'm pretty sure Ipson is right.

Anyway I thought that was way cool. I can't believe my bro is getting married in just less than 2 weeks. Wow that's crazy. I can't believe he's old enough. I'm way excited to hear about it though. Well I hope ya'll have a great week. I love you so much and thanks again for the package. It was Awesome!!! Love ya Elder Hatfield (I hope you didn't think I forgot ya. I couldn't not email you on Valentines Day=)