Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Howdy howdy!!!
My Easter was great! We actually didn't have a dinner planned b/c we hadn't got anyone to sign up yet but the Kent's, who is kind of our missonary family here, took us in. Sister Kent is the one from Kuna, Idaho,  so they love me and wouldn't see me starve.lol. We had a little
Easter egg hunt and got to just enjoy our Easter sunday w/ them. i went to the coolest sacrament meeting too. Our ward is extremely musically talented so we had a cello, piano, flute, and organ all playing at the same time along with the choir. We had a mini MoTab.
Thank you so much for the easter package!!! That was so cool. I loved everything in it. The music is awesome. I was totally thinking about starting to memorize scriptures and that music to scriptures is perfect. My favorite was definately the video's and slideshows of the wedding. i have to admit that I watched it a few times. It was fun to
see it all.
My companion is Elder Galenzoski, from northern Alberta Canada. He has been out on his mission for 21 months. There giving me all the old guys. It's good though b/c he knows a lot so i learn from him. I'm still the district leader here, and what's awesome is Jordan Fisher, Elder fisher, is in my district now so we're pretty stoked.
sounds like another crazy week. All you guys do nowadays is travel.lol. I'm sure it's a love hate relationship.
I'm excited to hear about the new house and how it is all coming along. I continue to pray for you guys and selling the house, so it's good that you continue to put your
trust in the Lord. I finished the book "Lectures on Faith" in a few hours over the past couple of nights and its awesome. Continue to have faith b/c it was even by faith that the worlds were created.

It is true that another week has flown by. Days can feel like weeks and weeks can feel like days. That's so awesome that Brett Wilson got married.
Thanks for the encouragement for the slow work. There are good things that have and are happening, but the hardest thing I feel is people maybe feeling like we're not working hard enough or just that we aren't seeing enough success. I don't know. I shouldn't always worry
about things like that so much, but in the right ways it can be good to drive you the right way. The work continues to move forward. I have a companion who likes to work hard and is a good teacher. We have a
good time together. I know the Lord will continue to provide. Missionary work never is easy, so we just keep on treking.That's way cool that you have a tractor now. 27 years later.lol. Your going to have too much fun w/ that=) It sounds like the weekend was great and the house is coming along. You guys are moving on that thing, even though you've been gone every weekend. we got to do quite a bit of service this week so that was fun. I
always enjoy doing some hard labor. We got to move a bunch of rock from one place to another to fill a yard, and the next day we got to help build a fence. We had one day this week where absolutely nothing was happening. It was a really hard day. We ended up tracting most of
the day and no one answered or talked to us, but we kept trying. Finally someone let us in their door about 7 p.m. and they were looking for a church. we got to teach them a little bit and hopefully again soon, but we were just excited to talk to someone and be let into their home. Then we went to dinner at 8p.m., b/c we didn't have
one that night and went by ourselves, and the service took forever so we didn't get home until around 9:45. Then of course the member we were w/ confronts us for being home late and said "don't be surprised if your numbers start to dwindle." I was sooooo mad, but I didn't say much to him. I hate when members try and get into your business w/o knowing anything. I'm sure you might have experienced it a tiny bit. I guess what really griped me was we'd been working and working and just
not seeing a whole lot of success, but I don't lose faith either. There is faith and challenges to be had in everything though, and it only prepares us to be perfected like our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. We have some set aptmts. this week that should be really great
so things are looking up. Well have another great week It's good to hear from ya. I love ya and miss ya—Love Elder Hatfield