Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Things can be Miracles!!!

Hey all!!
Sounds like it's been a busy weekend, but that the house is coming
along really nice. I'm excited to see the finished product in a little
bit. I can't believe you guys are leaving the ward though. That just
seems crazy to me that that was your guys' last sunday.
I got to attend a leadership training this last week and we learned
some great things we have one really solid investigator right now and she's doing great. Her husband is inactive, but they decided they wanted something better for their kids, so they called us for the lessons. She has had a real hang up on baptism, but we think we resolved that and we will try and set her on date later this week. Hopefully it will be at the beginning of may. So things are looking up. We're really going to focus a lot more on finding people. Mission wide we have been working with a lot of less-actives, but our goals are changing a little more. It's been really hard to find people
here, and we've tried a lot more finding than most other missionaries,
but we're trying even harder. I'm looking forward to what this next
week brings.
We had dinner with an older couple in our ward last night, and I
didn't really even know them. He is a former bishop and was in the
stake presidency for 10 years. We also had the Bishop and his wife
over there as well. Well this one guy, after we were about to leave,
said "I can tell that you are fine quality missionaries." That really
made me feel great, especially coming from someone who has worked with
a lot of missionaries, and because I didn't really even know them.
It's just really nice to get a comment like that every once in awhile,
b/c we all always have our struggles, and encouragement from another
is great.
Funny story. So we were riding bikes most of the day this last saturday and later in the afternoon I realized that my clip on tag had fallen off my jacket. It wasn't too big of a deal, but I'd have rather not have lost it. Well a
couple hours later we were riding down a street we had come down
earlier, and I realized in the corner of my eye that I almost ran over
something, and it was my tag!! Maybe it's not that big of a deal, but
w/ how small that thing is and how I happened to almost run over it
was a small but big miracle for me.
Thanks for all the news updates. I can't believe Ashley Wallentine is
a I definately don't feel like the people I graduated with
should be having a family, b/c I just don't feel that old yet. It's
about that time though. I'm just waiting to hear on my mission when
you have your first grand child on the way.=. I love you!