Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Howdy !!!
Baptism complete! It was a little nervracking at first. The day of the baptism we got a txt from our ward mission leader's wife who said she had just talked to the woman who was being baptized. Apparently she was freaking out about it and questioning if what she was doing was right. She was calmed down though and the baptism went forward, and she's happy as can be. During the baptism the person who was supposed to give the talk on the Holy Ghost didn't show, so my wml asked me during the talk on baptism, if I would give it. So I went impromptu, w/ our mission pres. there lol, and it worked out alright. I got to be a witness which I was very grateful for.
Yesterday in church I got to give a talk on commandments. I talked about the two great commandments of the law that Christ gave. It went well, and I was happy w/ it. I'm slowly getting a little better at speaking. It always sounds good in my head, but never comes out that way.
That's so crazy about the micro burst. For only 5 minutes, that brought a ton of damage. I think it would have been kind of funny to see jade running around in circles, but I'm definately glad she and everyone else was ok and not hurt. That place really is bringing all kinds of adventures around.
How cool that Bro. Snitishickie was called on a mission. They are perfect for the job. That would be a really cool mission to be called to.
yesterday we got a chance to take the sacrament to an older woman who cannot make it to church. It was a great experience. Whenever that happens I'm always reminded about the special experience as a young man taking it to sister Hansen(snitishicki). I didn't realize what a special experience that was then, but I do now. I felt very good being able to bless the sacrament again. I feel that too many people read over it too fast in sacrament and i think that's wrong. It should be held more sacred than that. So I got a chance to experience that again, which is cool.

Transfers didn't bring about many changes. Elder Mcdonald and I are still together which we're happy w/. We have a good time together. Transfers, though, just get harder and harder. More and more missionaries I've become really good friend w/, are leaving and it's really sad. My trainer, Elder Lindstrom, leaves in 5 weeks along w/ a lot of other good missionaries, so I'm not excited about that. Time is flying by that's for sure.
Now that we had a baptism we are trying to continue to build our teaching pool and hopefully we'll have a baptism in September. The work is going great though.
THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome. I loved the dvd's of your trip. It was a lot of fun to watch. The gummy bears were way better than here in America for sure. The belt is a huge help. I sent that form for the voting thing too. I hope I did what I was supposed to. I know it wasn't hard, but you know me.
I Love ya'll so much! have a great week

Well I wish you another great week. I pray for your success every day. I love you all!

Elder Hatfield