Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Transfers is tomorrow so I should get my package then. Thanks for that! It's always fun to get a package. It sounds like ya'll had a super fun weekend. It's too bad the boat had a hole in it, but like always ya still made it all worthwhile and a bunch of fun. I love your idea of writing down how Heavenly Father's hand has been in your life. It will definately open up your eyes to greater things. Wilford Woodruff wrote in a journal every day for over 60 years I believe, just b/c the Prophet Joseph Smith told him to do so, and he knew that Joseph Smith was a man of God and was inspired w/ these things. Journals can definitely be for our own benefit and benefit generations to come. One of the coolest things about a journal, I think, is that even looking back just over a year ago I can still remember each day when I read what happened. W/out the journal though I would have forgotten those memories.

From Marci - So Day one of How Heavenly Father has blessed my life today!   We had a microburst that lasted literally 5 minutes!  It blew a lot of our fence down and our front gate, lots of shingles off the roof.  Power lines were ripped out and live wires were laying around the road.  A milk truck was passing by and stopped just before the power line hit him.  Our neighbor (next door to the right) he lost most of his barn, a horse was inside and it didn't hurt it.   The other neighbor on the other side the whole barn just totally blew away, the roof went across the street and the walls all over their property.  We didn't have power until about 4ish this morning.  We are all safe and our home is still standing and not one person got hurt.  All this damage in 5 minutes.  Crazy.  The inside of my house looked was dusty and dirty.  The wind and rain literally blew threw the sides of windows, doors, and underneath.  It was crazy!!!

The baptism is happening this wednesday at 7. wooohoooo!!!! We are going to dunk her even if we have to kidnap her. No she is awesome, things as always have just seemed to get in the way but it will work. One of the blessing we've seen from it is her mom, a southern Christian, supported her in this decision. Wow, that was cool to hear. The funny thing is the one getting baptized, talked to her mom one day and found out her mom didn't know we believed in Jesus Christ. Jodi was thinking What!!!. "You were going to let me join a church that doesn't believe in Christ!" It was funny when she told us this. But she got to explain to her mom that we absolutely believe in Christ and her mom will be at the baptism.
We met an inactive member in our ward on the street this last week which was interesting b/c he is a hermaphrodite(something like that). Apparently he was born as a male and some of his chromosomes or something were crazy and he grew breasts. I guess it's a pretty rare thing, no kidding. That was the most weird and interesting thing that happened to us.

Boy o Boy you are still a youngin but only for one more year. A year from now we get to celebrate the big 50. I'm sure it's way crazy for you. I'm 20 and that's crazy b/c I'm too young for that. It sounds like you had a very eventful weekend. I hear Talise gets her horse in a week. I'm excited for her. Mom sent the pic of the boat and bale of hay. I can't wait to hear from her next week and see how excited she is.
I'll be sending a letter your way for the birthday as well as sd cards so be expecting that soon. One of Joseph Smith's quotes that I really like mentioned in it is, "weary the Lord until he blesses you." Obviously there must be wisdom in us asking for things, but Madsen goes back to the parable Christ gives where he is trying to teach people to pray unceasingly and talks about the woman who pleads and pleads w/ this ruler and finally the ruler gives her what she wants so she'll leave him alone. obviously the Lord wouldn't just give us things just to shove us away, but it's a lesson we can learn to pray unceasingly. And we have to be able to accepts the answer or blessing the Lord gives us too. I've also been reading in Alma where the Lamanites become Anti Nephi Lehis which is really inspiring. so many of them just got slaughtered b/c they would not break their oath and covenant they made w/ the Lord. It's funny how the humbled are always the most righteous. They experienced the atonement of our savior and it was real to them. They understood it. I also read in Alma that those who are poor, or otherwise made humble, is very blessed b/c they will more likely follow the path of righteousness. But then it says even more blessed are those who humble themselves w/o being made to do so according to their circumstances. So, more blessed shall we be if we do humble ourselves even w/ the riches we have.
Well another week gone and in the books, and another great week to come. May it be so for you as well. I love ya dad! Happy Birthday again!!!!!!!

Elder Hatfield