Thursday, August 30, 2012

Every Problem is a Gold Mine

The following is a little note we received yesterday!  Elder Hatfield's letter follows:

Ms. Hatfield,
I am writing to let you know that your son Josh was a tremendous help to us last weekend.  My husband and I are in our late fifties and needed someone to help us move our belongings from a third floor apartment into a U-Haul truck.  Your son, and another young man, Alex, neither of whom we knew, helped us move.  Just wanted to let you know.  Seems like a very nice young man. 
Sorry we didn't email yesterday. We had zone conference, so our p day got moved to today. Next week it will be back to monday though which is the day we can go to another rockies game!! Thanks for the video clip, that looks like a blast. I'm so glad Talise and everyone is loving it.
Yesterday we met w/ Elder Lynn A. Robins for zone conference and it was awesome. Sister Robins, his wife, spoke about a few things that also caught my attention. It was always my goal not to be awkward when I get home, kind of like how brenden was for a little bit, but in a way I was chastened yesterday for thinking that. She spoke of how we need to be converted to the Gospel on our missions and should stay that way after. We should be "weird" according to other people. Not just the normal mormon weird, but a converted missionary weird. Being wise w/ how we dress, the music we listen to, the way we act, etc. That really is a struggle when you get home b/c even among mormons you are weird as a returned missionary when in reality it should be looked at as being good. so now that is my goal. Not to be too awkward, but to be weird and an example to all those who see me as that way.
The work is going well here. We are continuing to try and find more and more people and I know the Lord will keep placing people in our paths. In this months ensign, the very first sentence In the first presidency message by Elder Eyering, talks about how prepared people will be placed in the paths of us who are prepared. So definately read that again if you haven't already. It's a great ensign this month.

We had zone conference yesterday w/ Elder Robins of the seventy. Tomorrow we get to meet w/ him for leadership training too. It was quite a spiritual experience and I learned a lot. By the end of it my mind had been blown by the spirit and I couldn't really think much of what I learned. a couple things he said reminded me of you (Dad)  when he related some business analogies. I can't remember them terribly well, but I'll try and relay some of what I remember. The first thing he said is, "every problem is a gold mine." I really can't remember what he related it to business wise, but I do remember thinking of how many problems you have to deal w/ at your business whether it's fixing a machine or dealing w/ an employee. In regards to if you had to deal w/ an employee I thought of what a great teaching opportunity you would have w/ that person whether it be showing patience, kindness, leadership, diligence, etc. I also wondered if you had any kind of leadership training for your employees? I recall you having a meeting w/ your leaders every week and I think that's so perfect. A lot can be learned there. It’s just like us going to leadership training tomorrow. He spoke of the importance of our planners and how effective they can be used. He gave the example of if you take a five hour job and give someone 8 hours to do it, they will take the 8 hour gap to accomplish the task. (he gave a business term w/ it but I don't have my notes w/ me). When busy corporation employees ( a little higher up in the business chain) were asked why they don't plan out their days the main answer is they don't have time, when in reality they have small periods throughout the day they could have planned better to have a more effective and productive day. He spoke of how we should always have a goal and the base of a goal is having a vision. Then on top of this pyramid (vision then goal) is make a plan. These three things together accomplish something. So right now I have a vision that hopefully when I get back into the real world I will plan my days so they will be most effective.
Well it was good to hear from ya. I pray you will be able to close on the house this week. Have a great week. I love ya!

Elder Hatfield