Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Well it was really sad that somehow someone got mixed up on the Rockies game and they didn't even play on saturday, so instead of that we went to Rodizio Grill as a group of missionaries. We ate so much it was disgusting. Idk why but we decided to try and break a record as a group as to how much we eat. Lets just say I literally gained six pounds yesterday. Talk about unhealthy. It was fun though. i'm so happy to hear you closed on the house finally. I'm sorry it was such a struggle. Sometimes I wonder why things happen the way they do. Maybe someday you'll figure out why it did. That's just too bad that Dad had such a trouble w/ Swiss Days. I've still never been there and would like to join, but it sounds like I didn't miss much. I hope it didn't hurt anything too much and everything is still going well for the business and everything else in your lives. That's cool that that lady sent you an email. Her daughter was a recent convert in the North mission who got ahold of us to help her mom and the mom had never dealt w/ missionaries. She wanted to pay us and do something, and I thought of how she could email you, so I'm happy she got that chance. I'm sure one day she will embrace the Gospel as her daughter continues to share it w/ her. And sister Cottrell is awesome! I'm glad you got to talk to her. She is such a great person, who has a great love for this Gospel herself, that's for sure.
We found three new investigators this week!
I love my mission so much! I'm grateful you and Dad always showed me the way and pointed me here. I will be forever blessed b/c of your doing that. We met with Elder Robins again last wednesday for Leadership training and it was quite an experience. This morning when we were on conference calls w/ Pres. Maynes he said in meeting w/ Elder Robins he was told that, " I do not get to train the way I have w/ your missionaries, when I go to other missions b/c it is a lot on being obedient. This mission though is obedient." That was so cool to hear. It just motivates us to try and be better and better. Next week I'll have to try and remember some of my notes and I'll tell you a little more about it. Well the work is moving forward. I love it so much and am grateful all is well w/ you guys. I love you, and have a great week
This Gospel is wonderful. May God continue to pour out his blessing upon ya'll. I love you!!!!  Elder Hatfield