Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 26, 2012

I will keep an eye out for the package for sure. I'm still impressed that your almost finished w/ the Book of Mormon. No matter what it is an accomplishment. I'm sure there were all kinds of things you learned out of it over this past year. i sent some pics of what we did Thanksgiving morning. we couldn't find enough people to play football so we went w/ a member and other missionaries to play frisbee golf. Thanksgiving was fun. The investigators we ate w/ cooked a dang good dinner and as always I ate too much. That night we went to a members’ house and had more dessert which was phenomenal. Then we went and played games w/ some other missionaries to finish off the night. We got to share some things w/ the investigators and there family, it wasn't much but I'm sure it was a seed for them. This last week turned out to be a really good week for teaching. The hardest thing is getting people to church and that will come in time. We have a baptism this weekend for a 10 year old girl. It will be a good ole time, and I’m excited to have another. I just found out that an investigator from my last area, set a baptismal date for himself in January. I really hope he makes it. We're all excited for that. It's good to hear ya'll had a great weekend. I thought about ya and it will be fun to spend the next one w/ you guys again. Have a wonderful week