Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy December 2012

howdy mom!!!
I did receive the package of presents so thank you thank you thank you!! Transfers are on December 11. We shouldn't be splitting up companions so Elder Abel and I should still be together. We did have a baptism and it was great. A lot of less-active family was there. the less active grandpa spoke on the holy ghost and talked about an experience he had when the girl getting baptized, Marina, was very young.  He was talking about his wife who'd deceased and she blurts out, " I know grandma---" He then relayed to her that she didn't b/c she had already passed. But she was sure to tell him that she knew her well and that she talked about a dress he used to wear when he was a child. It took the grandpa awhile to figure out what she was talking about but he had the impression that not only did she know his deceased wife, but that she knew his mom as well who dressed all her boys, including this grandpa, in pajamas that looked like a dress. He knew then that that little girl now getting baptized knew his deceased wife and mother before she came to this earth. It was a neat story.
 It's a great time of year to invite all kinds of people to come and join us in the spirit.
Have a wonderful week mom.  Love ya

howdy Dad!!
No I can't believe it's december. The weather here has been 50'sor sometimes even 60's. we may get a little bit of snow this week, but it probably won't do much or stay long. It really does not feel like December. It's scary too b/c time is flying by and running out. The baptism went great. Missionaries have been working w/ that family for awhile now and kept cancelling but finally it happened.  I feel this baptism absolutely helped bring them all together though and strengthened them.
I heard a cool story the other day from a member. Her son was in the army and was supposed to be shipped out to Germany. They lived in either arizona or new mexico, I cant remember which. Well he had two weeks to prepare and they could take a car w/ them to germany. So he tried to get it all fixed up, but it took longer than usual, even to the point where it got finished the night before he was supposed to be shipped out from St. Louis which is where he had to drive to that night. Of course as anyone, he was very tired as he drove there and at one point he fell asleep at the wheel when he felt a hand on his shoulder and voice say, "wake up!" He woke up startled and looked around to see if anyone was there. he found nothing. Later he did it again and the same thing happened. Soon he realized that if he kept his eyes on the road he could see out of his peripherals, two personages sitting next to him. If he looked over at them they seemed to vanish where he couldn't see him. It was only when he focused on the road that he could see them from the side. Needless to say he made it safely and on time to St. Louis.

I love you dad. Have a great week and God Speed as Well!!!

Elder Hatfield