Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It was a wonderful weekend to finally have another baptism. We were worried about it for a little bit b/c we couldn't get ahold of the one who got baptized, until the beginning of the week. She was in California and she didn't come home when she was supposed to. Things finally worked out though and we got into contact w/ her. It was amazing to see her come back after two weeks being gone. It was a necessary experience for her b/c she grew a lot, not being surround by Mormons, and having to make decisions literally on her own. She had some cool experiences there. I got to confirm her on Sunday and it was an honor to be the mouthpiece. I was grateful for it.
We have three baptisms this week. One of the biggest signs of how a ward is doing w/ their missionary work is to see if a ward member baptized and confirms the investigator rather than the missionaries. Such is the case w/ this guy. We're super excited. After that we are baptizing a mother in her sixties and her son who's 29. I remember when I first got here that the missionaries had just met them through a less-active member. It was really hard to get ahold of them, and I really didn't think they were going to progress much. Little did I know that we would come to this point. It is very hard b/c they literally have about nothing. The ward is going to have to help them out a lot but the ward is very excited as are we. The following Saturday, January 26, we will be having another baptism of an 11 year old boy. He too has been quite a process, but its finally happening. We are witnessing many miracles here and it's because the spirit is everywhere. I'm grateful to be here, where I'm learning so much. I hope you all have an amazing week. I love you

Elder Hatfield