Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blessings times 3

Howdy Fam!!
Well we had a wonderful week full of all kinds of things. Saturday we had three baptisms and they all went great. We had a lot of people there for support. His parents who aren't members and sister Englands parents were there as well! It was absolutely great and couldn't have been better. Gene and Nina had an interesting baptism. It was right after Jake's and somehow the drain got unplugged, and we didn't find out until it was almost halfway drained. We tried to plug it back up w/ a mop, but it wasn't working so I stripped down to my under-garments and got her plugged! LOL During the baptism we got to hear the baptismal font filling up, but it was all good. Gene as you can tell is a big man. He has to weigh around 300 lbs. Me and Elder Abel were praying that Angels would help Elder Reese lift gene back up. Elder Reese said Gene felt lighter than his mom, which is obviously not true if you look at the weight difference, but I'm sure he had plenty of help. Gene got to be baptized three times so it was fun. He was like a little kid it was really humorous. He started in a squat position during the prayer and then he tried to go back. The elbow kept popping up, but it was fun. Saturday night we got transfer calls and it was nothing I would have guessed. I was released from Zone Leader and asked to be a District Leader again. We covered two wards, and now Elder Reese and I will take over one of them. The one,that has no investigators. lol So we're basically white washing it w/ a head start on knowing the ward. We are also on bikes now, so the Lord is trying to help me get into better shape. It will be quite a trip. I hope you all have a great week. Sorry this is all I got, but next week I'll write more b/c of time. I love you!!!

Elder Hatfield