Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Letter 7/20/11

Hello to all of you Fam!!
Thanks for all the letters you are sending me, they are really nice to have. Wow you guys sound like your busy getting hurt and everything, but it sounds like fun I got the package you sent me, and thank you. I know I don't answer all your questions so I'm trying my hardest with all my letters sitting in front of me right now. That health thing that i payed for that mom is wondering about was for my second shot for I think it was hepatitis or one of those things. so hopefully that answers that question.  I cant believe that I basically have only a half week left at the MTC. We leave next monday and are supposed to land in denver at 9:57 a.m. we have to be up at the front of the MTC at 5 in the morning though. I'm soo excited to get out to the field, but at the same time I'm going to be really sad leaving part of my district and not knowing everything I want to know. our district has grown so close. We have one elder, elder wild, who is from Canada and we all act like we're from canada except him. we think he should say "eh" after everything he says so we do it for we decided that in a couple years we're going to have a district reunion in canada=) District leader isnt too bad. ive tried to do my best and am still learning. In meeting with everyone privately to make sure things are all well, you find out that its not always as it seems. Elder Sombrano is one of those. He was not very strong in the church, but he decided to serve a mission. He's grown so much, but sometimes he doesnt thing about what he says, for example; while teaching an investigator he said that if you have enough faith you can levitate a book. haha. he mean well, but he says things like that that you don't want to say. he is getting better and working very hard. he is used to being the center of attention, but now he doesnt always have it to himself, and it frustrates him and he feels like no one likes him. So ive spent a lot of time with him, and its also frustrating for his companion with some things he does, but kudos to him for having patience. Elder Sombrano for some reason, really only trusts me with a lot of things and will take advice I give him, so I'm trying to get him to listen to his companion a little more. He hurt his knee right before he got to the MTC and he finally had it checked out and as far as we know right now, he just tore some cartilage or something. Me and his companion gave him a blessing so that was a great experience. I continue to see the Asays and Elder Wald every day. I also saw Cody simmons, the younger brother of the young Simmons couple in our Ward too.  Dad quit getting hurt!! your getting too old for that.haha jk, but seriously. I've got letters from Momma day so thank her again for me and tell her I'll write her sometime. sounds like clark is doing well. thanks for forwarding his letters for me. he sent me one the other day as well so it was good to hear from him. saige and lauria also sent me letters so that was nice too. Thank grandma for me too. i love her letters. I have some snail mail coming your way and ill be sending them today. i'll have one for talise, brenden, and then the whole fam. i gave myself a haircut and its not too bad. i found out we're actually not supposed to cut our own hair in the mtc though. woops. but the barber shop is filled through next week anyway so thats my excuse. P-days are really nice. we still dont get to go to the temple so i gave myself a haircut in the morning and i study and write letters. i bought the book by Pres. Kimball about forgiveness and just started it. I don know if I can read that in the mission field, but i guess I'll find out. I love the MTC. food is pretty good, I still havent done any working out, besides running about every day in gym playing either basketball or soccer. I see everything going downhill that way, but it will be a little easier in the mission field i think. I love this gospel and am learning so much. there is so much I'd like to tell you but dont have time. you'll hear more from me soon. send me letters asking me questions and I will try to answer them cuz i know i havent answered all of them. When i get to the mission field I ll sent pics b/c we cant send any of them via email here at the mtc, and I need someone to teach me again in the field. I love you all!!
Elder Hatfield