Monday, August 29, 2011

Almost Six weeks in Aurora!!!

how ya'll doin? It sounds like things are a hip happenin up in Boise. School has started!! whoohoo! Another adventure starting up.  So about the earthquake. It was crazy!!! Ive never felt anything like it. Actually I didn't feel anything at all. We werent affected by it, but we heard a lot about it. It was a great week this week. Not only was the work great but on top of that I got a lot of letters. Mom I got the package and Elder Lindstrom got a package on the same day. It was way nice so thank you so much!!  It sounds like Clark is doing amazing. He told me that he is going to train this next transfer and be white washed at the same time. That's so awesome and crazy! You have do be a great missionary to do that. The way they train you now is for two transfers your guaranteed to stay in your area w/ your trainer and your expected to be able to train after your first two transfers. Transfer is next tuesday so I'll stay in the same place and have Elder lindstrom as my companion, then I'll probably take over the area. Idk if I'll train, but I'll probably stay. so this week has been pretty good. your wondering if we're hammerin down on the thing and we are. Thursday Elder Lindstrom was invited to go to this meeting where 2 seventies were introducing a media blitz that will be taking place here in Denver from October on for 6 months. They will have 15 billboards, taxies, buses w/ signs of Then 30 second commercials will play on major tv stations all throughout the day for people to see. The ward will have a training on it on september 11 so they know how to handle questions they get, and so we can get the full effect out of this effort. I'm way excited for it to start. We are one of 10 missions that this is happening in. I guess one of the General authorities said we may have even been foreordained for this occasion. So I'm way stoked about that.

The one guy who I said may be baptized soon, isnt going to be. he met w/ pres. Maines and they'll have another meeting in november to see how he's doing. Adam Pitman is his name, and he really wants to be baptized, but he has to make a greater effort, so I'm sure he'll be making the effort to do so. We also officially start teaching Bro. Sipple the missionary lessons this week. I'm way excited about that so I'll let you know how that's going. We also visited with two less-actives throughout the week, sister haney, and then bro. coleman. We were expecting them at church yesterday, but neither one could make it. to our surprise though, a new family came back to church yesterday. The missionaries had taught them some before I got here, but they were asked not to visit them anymore. Well after sacrament they said "when you gonna stop by and share a lesson" So we were way excited to get a new investigator out of that.

Well the work always seems to be moving slow, but I if I look towards the future I feel like we have a lot of potentials. I really am trying to be a better missionary each day so I can be a more powerful missionary in teaching and finding. I want to bring people to this Gospel and sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough, but I keep trying. I love this Gospel and I love sharing it with others. I love my mission and I love serving the Lord. i'm learning so much out here and I pray every day that this work can continue to move forward. elder Lindstom in the meeting he went to, was promised that in each of our area's there is someone who wants to get baptized and its our responsibility to find and teach them. I feel like we have found some and I know that there is more to find. I love you all and my prayers are with you