Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Ltr

Hello Best Family in the World!!

 It has been a great week! this last week we got someone on date for september 17 for baptism!! I was on exchanges that day in another area, but i was glad to hear that the guy wished i would've been there. I'm so excited for him though and I know that he will come to know that the Gospel is true. So I got to go to the game yesterday and it was amazing. I took a lot of pics. I got an autograph of one of the pitchers on my ticket and I met another pitcher, Matt Lindstrom, (This is Natalie Shreeve's Cousin!!!) who actually served a mission, and I had him sign a ball for a little kid we met.  
I saw a lot of the people in my MTC district and it was great. Elder Sombrano who we left at the MTC came out 3 weeks ago and he actually is being trained in the area right next to ours, so that was good to hear. Elder Lindstrom got called to be the district leader so that will be fun. We have a really young district. We have sisters now and one of them is being trained, and one of the elders in the other companionship is being trained. So we have 3 greenies, counting myself, in our district. Im going to miss the district I just had, but it'll be good. For the life of me right now I can't totally remember what all happened this last week, b/c I forgot my journal. I got my second flat tire and got to go buy another tube and of course I bought the wrong tube and I'll have to go back today to go exchange it for the right one. so the last couple days we've walked. o ya! So on Sunday we got asked to stand in on a baby blessing for a family that Ive only briefly met, so it was way cool. The baby cried really loud into the microphone the whole time too, so that was fun in the ear. Well I'm glad Swiss Days went well. Ive always wanted to go to that, but I don't think life will let me, so o well. lol. I want you all to know that I'm praying for all of you every day. I hope the house will sell for you soon. Have you found anywhere to go when it does get sold? So I was wondering how Calvin Marshall is doing. If you could please send me his address. O and tell Calvin Shell congrats. That'll be fun that you and dad are goin to canada. You're going to have a blast I'm sure. Well I know its short today, but I will be getting you all snail mail soon. i love all of you with all my heart and I appreciate all you do for me.
Elder Hatfield