Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17

Hello Family!!!

So this last week was crazy and I have a lot to say, but first it sounds like conference was legit. So this last tuesday we got a call from our bishop at 10:20 at night telling us that he had **** w/ him and that he ****wanted to talk to us. Well **** told us that he was going to go swimming Fiday night and be Baptized!! Holy Crap that was sweet! This guy has been active in the church for 7 years, and investigating the church for 7 years. he grew up catholic and he married a member. Tons of missionaries have come through teaching him and he finally did it! We were so happy. The ward was ecstatic to see that he finally chose to get baptized. We got to stand in his circle when he got confirmed. His wife thanked us b/c ****had told her that the he's been grateful for the last couple sets of missionaries for trying to teach to his needs, not just the missionary lessons. he said that he always heard what he needed. So that was an amazing experience. Next thing. Thursday night we got a call from President Maynes and he asked to speak to me. Well he called me to train! Holy crap! I don't know if Im ready, but ready or not here I go. I'm really nervous for the whole thing. I really hope I do alright and I can do everything I need to to train well. Then Saturday night Elder Lindstrom got a call to be a zone leader somewhere so that's crazy. Then come to find out, a lot of other missionaries we have around us are going somewhere else, so I'm really disappointed to see them leave. I feel like my world is turning upside down, so hopefully all goes well. So I'll still be in the same area for probably the next 2 transfers which I'm totally cool w/.  Tell Thornocks hi for me. Tell the Snitishickey's congrats for me. Have they got their call yet? Well Im glad to hear all is well. I'm sure next week I'll have a lot to tell you. Hopefully I don't mess up too much. It'll take a lot of prayer and faith. I love you all so much and miss ya. have a wonderful week!

Elder Hatfield