Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

I did get your package and thank you. It's awesome. That is so sweet that Dad got a pic w/ the Chief Scout executive for the U.S. Dang that's way cool. Who knows maybe he'll do that someday.lol. I've definately been passing out some of the candy, b/c we have so much that I'm getting fatter every day. O well. I can't believe Caleb gave his farewell talk. That's so good to hear. He'll be a great missionary. And it was good to hear that Fisher is coming out. I look forward to seeing him get out here. It sounds like the family is good. Brenden sent me some pics of the halloween costumes him and mitch had. They were awesome. Well training these last two weeks have been good. elder Curth is an unbelievable missionary and sometimes I think he's training me. The area is pretty tough right now. We only have three progressing investigators and we kind of had to wipe the slate clean and start over with our teaching pool. We've talked to a lot of people these last two weeks, but haven't had much success. We haven't got any new investigators yet so that's a little frustrating, but in due time the Lord will bless us. I still have a lot to learn. I really want to become a powerful teacher just like those in the Book of Mormon, and I know it will come with time. I don't remember If I told you that Elder Curth is from Ohio. One thing that we've done a whole lot more than before Curth got here is we talk to pretty much anyone we come in contact with. It's really awkward riding your bike by someone and stopping  by them to talk to them, but what else can you do. I guess its only as awkward as you make it. (Did that come from our Josh? lol) We are teaching this one family who is really solid. The dad is a less active, the mom is a non member who isn't too interested, the grandma is very active, and there are two kids a girl who's 9 and a boy who's 7. The family really wants the little girl to get baptized, and really everyone does. But the problem is the ward is trying to be careful in having a child get baptized into a less active family. Hopefully the Dad will try and get active again. So that's been our most solid "investigator" if you can call it that. We love to teach them. It snowed last week and that was nice and cold. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow too. I'm staying warm though, and I have some missionary moms that take care of us down here. Well I promise I will get a snail mail to ya'll to tell you more. Until then I love you all very much and may God Bless you!

Elder hatfield