Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here is a picture we took of Elder Hatfield, while on Skype!  That awesome smile never left him.  He is doing great.  It's very cold there.  He was grateful for more Long Johns and he said they had a storm last Thursday, so there was 14 inches of snow on one end of the sidewalk and 28 inches on the other.  Messages that he wanted to share.  Read your scriptures!! It's amazing what you learn.  Go To Seminary!!! and pay attention!!!  He expressed that he wished he would have done so much more to be prepared.  Is he happy with his choice to be a missionary.  He said, He is very happy and is so glad that he has another 18 months of learning and training because he has so much more to learn.  He loves the people he serves!  Many people gave them lots of gifts!!!  He said he was so selfish before and he wishes he could go back and change that.  Here is a bit of what he shared on his email.

That most definately was the best Christmas present ever! I've missed your smiles too. Our day was great. We had a wonderful dinner and it was fun spending time with the ***Family. They are a great family. Brenden sent me a pic last week of your nativity and it's awesome. That's so cool. I'm glad to hear McCarty's parents are cool.  And Dad is a inspired man, and it's always been a blessing to me to have him as a worthy priesthood holder that taught by example. I'm glad to hear Talise got a new stereo. we'll never forget that night that I had my throw up adventure.lol. I'm really sad that Sis. *** left, but she has definately been a blessing. I love her so much and she is great. She is definately someone I will stay in contact with forever. I'm glad I got to bear a small testimony yesterday. I knew it was coming, but I wanted to. I knew I would have some tears, but I've changed a little bit.lol. It was so fun to see everyone again. To see everyone is doing great. I'm so grateful to have you mom. you too have been an example to me my whole life and I owe ya. Have another wonderful week! I love you!

Elder Hatfield