Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Whats up Whats up   Holy Cow it sounds like you guys had an absolute blast. The dart gun war is so legit! And I'm sure your devastated that your now going to have to go buy some paintball guns. That will be legit to do that at the cabin. That's an idea we've had for a long time so i guess its about time we did it. I can't wait to see the nerf gun battle video though. That's going to be sick.

Well I was studying in Matthew 14 just recently and I read the story of Christ walking on water. I talked to Bro. ** about that and he asked me to tell him what it's trying to teach it. I talked about the normal thing, where we shouldn't doubt and to have faith, etc. So he had me read over and over that story trying to get me to see what's in between the line. Then he had me go to St. John 21:4-8 and had me read that lots of times. Then finally he read it out loud and it clicked. In John we find out that as Peter jumps into the water, he obviously could swim well. So why did he cry for the Lord when he started to fall while walking on the water? He could have easily swam back to the boat. Part of the moral of the story was Peter had faith that if it was the Lord walking on water then he could do the same, and as he started to fall he cried out to the Lord to basically have the Lord help him walk on the water the rest of the way back to the boat. So we all should not just learn to have faith from this story, but that we should follow through and finish what we started, especially when it comes to the Gospel. We can always reach out to Christ and he will help guide us and teach us how to walk, but we must be willing to follow through with what has been placed before us. Anyway that was cool.

It sounds like you guys have been having a blast. I'm glad you started a new tradition of a dart gun war. I can't wait to get in on that. Everybody had their war That was hilarious to see. I definitely want all of you on my team. I'm glad to hear you got my package. I know it wasn't much, but I'm glad you enjoyed my letter. New Years Eve we went to Bro. Hinckley's for dinner. We played a game that was pretty fun, but I don't remember what its called. Basically everyone worked together as a team and we all had to stop a pandemic from happening. It was fun. We had a slow week this week, but some cool things happened. On Friday we got to go to a funeral at a catholic church. The whole service was in spanish so that was interesting. We didn't know anyone there except the immediate family, but it was still good. They drove us around with them, so that was really nice of them. It was pretty special to be able to be with the family in such a hard time. Especially, when we don't even know them that well. Now we are considered We also had a couple very less-actives come to church. That was so special to see two very less-actives come. Glad to hear ya'll had a wonderful week. Can't wait to hear how the wedding for Sasha and remodeling for Brenden went. Tell the Richards I say hi and tell Sasha congrats for me. I love ya!!!

Elder Hatfield