Monday, February 6, 2012

showing off my SHORT hair cut

wow sounds like a great and fun weekend. good to hear. Thank you so
much for the pics too. It's nice to see those. Talise is getting
extremely good at the cakes. And she is going to love that pearl ring.
So it was an interesting sunday yesterday. On saturday night we had a
sort of investigator feed us, and she had a couple from her church
join us for dinner. It was a lot of fun. We played games and the whole
time we got to answer questions they had. then they invited us to come
to their church sunday evening. (They're baptist) so we agreed since
no one would have let us in their door for super bowl night anyway. So
we go to the Baptist church yesterday and man were we the highlight.
At least half the congregation came up and introduced themselves to
us. we talked to the preacher there before and after church. He was
happy to have us. For about 30 minutes we sang and the other 30
minutes the preacher spoke.  After it
ended we were greeted yet again by many people thankng us for coming
and we met some people from Jerome. The wife's maiden name is
Whitaker. Don't know if you know them or not. She said she graduated
from Jerome High in 79. So that was kind of cool. Apparently the whole
congregation knew a preacher that moved over to Jerome to be a pastor
their. Anyway small world. Then they took us out to dinner, which I
must admit was kind of nice since we didn't have a dinner, but that
was interesting too.
So that was my first baptist church going.  As I continue to
work hard and learn more, I'll be able to teach with more power as the
spirit directs and that is the true key. to get people to really feel
the true spirit and not get confused with a good emotional feeling, or
man's logical thinking. They both are fine to have but it must be
after the spiritual testimony that they may feel.

Well it's so good to hear from ya'll. I look forward to seeing more
pics of Brenden's apartment and the wedding cake and whatever else. I
love and miss ya a bunch. May God continue to Bless you in all things.

That's awesome about the klondike though. I miss those days.
so are you completely in charge of all that? What's your position in
scouting again? Scout Commissioner? and over what area?
I'm sure mom will tell you about the Baptist church we went to.

So we are going with a less-active guy who is the hitting coach for
Metro State in Colorado. I'm probably going to look terrible but it
will be fun anyway. I'll tell you about it next week.

anyway it sounds like it was a great week. Be sure to tell everyone in
the shop hi for me. I love this work. It's definately frustrating
sometimes, but what isn't right? I love being a missionary. I'm
learning so much and I can't wait to talk about so many things in a
couple years. I'm grateful I still have enough time to learn more
things too. I love ya Dad. Have a great week