Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love you All This Much!!

Hey All!
I'm great! The two wards is working out just fine. We're trying to balance things out between the two wards, and it's going to be a gradual transition to do so. Our mission president has told us to go where the work is, and this last week it has been in our original ward, but we are going to continue to try and balance things out. I like all the pics you sent. It's fun to see all the work that is going on. That was truly, tru wuv that you and dad had in that picture, all done up really nice like.  

(So it's late at night, and look at us!!  We must truly love each other, because we are truly a sight to behold ha ha.  The funny thing, Brett should have covered the top of his head, because it ended up being a different color.)

That is just too bad that dad had to get some more .22's. That's always such a bummer. I'm sure he had a blast!!!.  (ha ha ha)  i thought of you in sacrament yesterday. We were singing a song, I forgot which one, and I heard someone singing the same part you do. I don't know the right word for the part that you sing, but it's not the melody i don't think. anyway I heard some woman singing your part, and it brought back a memory of when I would hear you sing that part.  Weird I know, but it was cool to me. (So I just have to say, that I have never thought that my kids would think of my singing as a reminder of home!  I must say it simply is a weird thing to bring back memories, but it touched my heart, the fact that he remembered that!, by the way, I sing alto!!)

Tell Victor congatulations on the new calling. That is so exciting. He is perfect for the job. It's fun to see how people grow in the gospel.

To answer your question on whether I have to speak a lot, the answer is no. I have only spoke in sacrament once on my mission. In my last area though, I got to teach Gospel Principles a lot. I make sure to bear my testimony in fast sunday though.

This last week we finally set someone on date for May 20 to be baptized. They werent sure if they were going to come to church yesterday, but they did, so we were way excited. We prayed that she would. It shows that she is trying and we love that. Tonight we should be setting a kid on date as well, so that will be great. This last week I went on exchanges with Elder Fisher. We had a good ole time. We were able to find people and teach lessons.

I've been reading Jesus the Christ and it's a really good read. The only problem is there is just not enough time to read it. It has like 797 pages and I'm only on 140. It's such a great book though. I'm learning a lot in it. You should read it sometime, if you haven't

I hope ya'll have a great week. I love ya'll THIS MUCH!!!!!! (This saying is from our sweet Grandma and Great Grandma who always ended her beautiful cards with this saying... It means a lot to all of us and it reminds us that we will all be together again someday.  In fact, you could feel the love and hug in the letter!!)

Elder Hatfield