Monday, May 7, 2012

It's My Birthday!!!

Hey All!
Thank you for the Birthday wish!!!=) Wow I can't really believe it.Now I have to actually tell people I'm 20 YEARS OLD!!!! THank You sooo much for the birthday package. It was so sick! all the new clothes fit me and everything. The pants were a great blessing b/c my others don't
fit. What's funny is my new ones are 32/32 and my old ones are 32/33. I guess the old one shrunk a little bit over the years. Be sure to tell Grandma I say thank you for the package she sent as well. It was way awesome, and I loved it too.

Well this last week was a hot one. We got all the way up to 95 degrees last week. wow that was a scorcher. Now the weather sucks though. It started last night and into today. It's just a cold really rainy day, so that kind of sucks, but o well. We also got a call to help someone
move, and then our dinner can only feed us at 430, so it won't be much of a p-day but we'll make the most of it.
Yesterday we only had one of our investigators to church, but there were other good things that happened. We met a guy in one of the wards who started to come back to church. I guess his dad was a bishop, but as a kid this guy still went inactive and now he is trying to come back
for his family. His wife and kids aren't members, so we're stoked. The Lord just continues to bless us.

I don't really know if I'll be here next transfer. Transfers are next Tuesday, and everyone keeps telling me I'll be leaving, but I don't want to think that and then still be here next week. I love this area so i wouldn't mind staying. I'm excited for mothers day too! The plan for now is that we're going to Skype. When we talk on Sunday I'll know whether or not I'm moving.

I must thank you mom for bringing me into the world. I could imagine all you went through, but I'm going to not imagine it and just be grateful for it. your the best mom anyone can have. I'll be sending you a letter this week so expect one towards the end of the week. I love you mom! Dad, and thanks for helping bring me into the world 20 years ago=)

Have a great week. Love Ya

Elder Hatfield