Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm being Transferred!!!!

My birthday !!

The family who let me Skype on Mother's Day
I think I can afford this

Hey Fam!!

It was great to see all ya'll again. It's way cool to be able to see
your faces and hear your voices again. I was really excited to see
grandma Lynnda, gran, and gramps there last night.  I would be happy if they came to the
Christmas call too. What's crazy is by that time I'll only have
basically 6 months left.
I've been running around like crazy from yesterday morning and through
tonight, just trying to get packed and see everyone. I tried to send
some pics to dad and Brenden/McCarty and the one with me and the big
family was the family who let me use skype. They're way awesome. I'll
be sure to get the sd cards out to ya this week. For shoes I just want
all around athletic shoes, that'd be great!
I know this is short, but I'm trying to fit everything in, so have
another great week. I love you all so much. Thanks again for all that
you have done and are doing. I love ya'll!!!!

Elder Hatfield

Elder Hatfield is being transferred somewhere near Grand Junction.  We will find out next week.  He also was made Zone Leader so if he says ZL in his letters that's what that means.  Our phone call was wonderful!  To see his smiling face was amazing.  He's very happy, and is grateful for his opportunity to serve!