Monday, May 21, 2012

Where in Colorado is Elder Hatfield?

Hey All!!
I am good. I didn't go where I thought I was I am in the heart and city of Denver. We literally cover all of downtown so that means we have Coors Field for the Rockies in our area, the Pepsi Center for the Denver Nuggets in our area, the first Quizno's ever made in our area, and Colfax which is the longest boulevard in America. Colfax is famous not just for being the longest ongoing street but everyone in Colorado seems to think it's a crazy place for drugs prostitutes and other crap like that. It's really not that bad, so I laugh. You definately have all kinds of crazies on the street, but I love it and it's fun to talk to them. I am in the Capital Hill ward and we meet in a 4 story building. It's a small ward w/ around 150 or so people active and 700 people on the ward records. We have one other ward that meets in the same building and Jeremie Guthrie is in that ward!! I don't know if you remember him, but he is a professional pitcher who was just traded to the Rockies this year. He went on a mission to SPain and he is very active. On Sunday we saw him in the stairwell and got to talk to him before he headed to Coors field to pitch against the Seattle Mariners. Then he gave us his cell phone number and told us to call him if he can come and help us w/ anything. Next week we get to go to a rockies game and he said he'll come up into the stands and see what's up. So can imagine how freakin stoked I and ya, I have his cell phone.haha
I have a good ward here, but it's interesting. There is plenty of work to do here.  Everyone kind of just goes to church and that's it. There really isn't much of a brotherhood or sisterhood per say. So it will be interesting to work here. I'm excited though.

My companion is Elder Oryang, and he is Awesome!  He is from Alabama.  He plans on going to play football for either Auborn or BYU when he gets home.  He is a great missionary thought.  It's awesome.  
Well good luck moving in this weekend. That's really exciting. I hope all goes well. Have another great week and we'll talk to ya again. I love you so much

Elder Hatfield