Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Serve With Honor!!!

That's so crazy that you are now officially moved, exciting though. I'm glad people were able to help you out since me and Brenden weren't there. I hope the house showing goes well. So yesterday I got to go to the Rockies game and i sent some pictures. It was such a blast. The Game was way awesome. That feeling just doesn't leave me, when it comes to baseball. I am really like a kid in a candy store. We had great seats w/ our ward mission leader, his wife, and little girl. That was one of the pics i sent, was of them. The coolest thing about it all was we texted Jeremie Guthrie at the beginning of the game and told him where we were sitting. He said it was too late then, but that he would come up after the game. So we waited after the game w/ other missionaries, who didn't wear their proselyting clothes like they were supposed to, and he came out after most people left the stadium. At first the workers wouldn't let us go down to see him until he waved us down. Later we found out that was a rarity to be able to actually climb over the railing and get a picture on the warning track w/ Guthrie so that was way cool. We were all pretty excited. He signed a baseball for all of us and it says "serve w/ honor" so it was way cool! My face got way burned though. My forehead is used to having a hat on, so it got scorched. I feel it today. lol.
Well I hope you have a wonderful week. Tell me next week how the house showing went. I love and miss you!
 That stinks that you have to sell your Gold Wing, but it's for a good cause. I haven't seen pics of the farm yet so that would be cool if you could send some next week. It sounds like the move went pretty well so that's great to hear.
This last week has been better than the last as far as lessons go. Last night we had a really cool lesson, and the guy has a crazy story. He is a less-active, but I'll try and give a brief background of his life. He was a very active guy, as well as was his family, who he was sealed to. Some things happened to his family and it spiraled from there.  He still wanted to be active, but his wife told him it was her or the church so he chose her. For a few years he was inactive when he went and helped a ward out w/ a service project. After he was walking to his car the young men started talking about how lucky he was to be so rich (he was a wealthy man). They were marveling at his BMW car w/ his 3000 dollar bull dog sitting in the passenger seat. To himself he said, "you have no idea," when the kids thought he had everything and he felt he had nothing. He knew he was missing God in his life so he sat down in his car and prayed to Heavenly Father if it be his will, take away everything from him, so that he can come back to his Father in Heaven. Well from there on his way home he got into a massive car accident, totaling his car. Soon after that he lost his job, then his house, and then his wife who left him. His prayer was answered and we are now teaching him, helping him come back to church. Our mission president and his wife came to the lesson w/ us last night w/ him and it was awesome. We talked about having faith and acting on that. Making the decision now to do what he needs to, and trusting in sealing power of his family, and the Lord's promise that he will save us all(2 Peter 3:9) and is not willing to give up on any of us. How he needs to act on faith and trust that someday his family will come back to Christ again. It was powerful and great to be a part of.
Well I hope you have a great week. I'll continue to pray for the house and everything else. I love ya  Elder Hatfield