Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pray for People in Aurora

Boy o boy was it a crazy week. Tons of people were shot and things kind of blew up in our face but it turned out ok. First thing was the Aurora shooting. It's much worse than columbine. 12 dead and 71 total people shot and injured. this guy was looney. It took place about 10 minutes away but is technically out of our mission. It's really sad though and has definately taken a toll on people. That's all that was on peoples' mind, and rightfully so, so it was good and bad for us. Definitely throw your prayers towards all those affected by this. I feel like it through a little bit of some chain of events in our area. Two nights in a row blocks of streets were blocked off for reasons we have no idea why. All is good where we are though.
So we were supposed to have a baptism on the 29 this month but it won't be happening. The lady has been working on her smoking, but the rule is they have to be free of that for 2 weeks before the baptism, and though she got down to one cigarette a day it wasn't living it fully. So Friday we broke the news to her, which was really hard b/c we didn't want her to just quit everything, and sure enough when we told her she walked right out. Talk about  blow to the chest. Everything was going great. She was studying everything she could and just couldn't get enough of it and b/c we told her we had to move her baptism date, she bounced. We were crushed. You can imagine all the things that were running through my mind at that moment, b/c I was all kinds of angry and worried that we lost this solid person. luckily though she ended up showing up to church on sunday and we got the awkwardness out of the way there and will be meeting again w/ her on tuesday. Hopefully we can set her on a new date, so please pray for her too.
I'm glad to hear ya'll got back safely from your trip. The pics are so cool. I'd love to get to Normandy someday and experience that for myself too. That's amazing that you got to see the original Christus and the apostles.
Well things are still going well here. Things are definately moving forward. We're going to get a baptism soon, b/c the Lord will provide.
I love ya'll so much. Have an amazing week this week.
Elder Hatfield