Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Something to think about!!

Hey all!

That’s awesome BSU won!!  Meeting w/ Elder Bednar was amazing. He shared an interesting story of a man he once gave a blessing to. This man had returned home from his mission getting married soon after, and a few months later was diagnosed w/ a bone cancer that gave him an 80 percent chance to die in the next 6 months. He asked to see Elder Bednar and so Elder Bednar, as an apostle, came to speak w/ the man. Bednar said after talking to the man for awhile, and having been asked to give him a blessing, asked a question that he'd never asked before which was, "Do you have the faith not to be healed?" The man pondered a moment and then asked to speak w/ his wife for a few minutes. They called Elder Bednar back into the room and said, we feel I need to live still. (this man was healed in three weeks,but years later the man was diagnosed again w/ the cancer and elder bednar would not tell us the rest of the story to try and get his main point across). One note I wrote down about this question was  that we must know the Lord "can" heal us and we need not worry so much about what Gods will for us is. Elder Bednar said we can know that the Lord's will be done if we honor our covenants. of course we can change the course of things like ending our life early b/c of choices we make, but if we are honoring our covenants to the best of our ability we can have the faith and trust that the Lord's will is being done. He also asked us to stop some foolish traditions that mormons in general tend to do. One example is taking notes. He said, "why do we take notes word by word when we're not going to remember it the next day, won't study it either b/c we don't care to much or b/c eventually we lose it. How stupid is that!?" So he said don't write anything down that he or anyone else said, but only what the spirit prompts you to do. He also said it makes no sense that when people pray in sacrament they say, "and bless those who did not make it this week, that they'll make it next week." Those prayers have no faith, so he said he wants someone to go up and say something like this, "Father in Heaven we are so grateful for this Sabbath day. We are grateful to have been able to partake of the sacrament and renew our covenants w/ thee. Now Father we each know someone that's not here that needs to be here, and we aren't going to pray that they'll come next week. Im sure the bishop is getting a little nervous right now and he may even stand up and ask me to end my prayer, but we know you'll help us go and find these people that need to come to church. Please bless us w/ the courage to go right now after we end this prayer and help these people who need to come to church next week. We're going to do it. We also ask that you'll bless us w/ the spirit so that we don't all go to the same house. Amen"
I'm going to do that in my next sacrament prayer, and if anyone confronts me about it I'll get to say an apostle asked me to say that. I love you all. Have a great week

Elder Hatfield