Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy October

wow 3 new pigs, that is crazy. crazy fun and good meat to come out of it too. That's so cool that your going to Utah for conference. That will be loads of fun. It was a cool experience when we went w/ the Marrons, I just wish I actually cared and understood what a cool experience it really was to go to conference. I’m definitely going to go to a live one as soon as I could. i did send my voting stuff out so its official now. My first time voting for a presidential candidate! I hope I did it right even though it would be really hard to mess up. Somehow I could do it though=) Yesterday was an awesome day. We met w/ a new investigator of ours and set him on date to be baptized October 21 so we're so excited! Saturday night we were walking home and started to talk to a guy from Iran. He was there during a lot of the wars and he talked about how he witnessed the turmoil of thousands of women and children being slaughtered for what they believed. He asked us why so many wars go on and all b/c of religion. It was refreshing to talk to him b/c it was a rough day and he was so excited about all the creations of God including us. He was hard to talk to, but we had a good time. I love ya mom. Have an unbelievable week!!!
Hey Dad!
It sounds like everyone had a really crazy week. I'm so excited to hear how the temple dedication goes. Those pictures are so tight!!! I love emailing once a week b/c it's so fun to hear all the cool things that are happening for ya'll. I still love the classical music. I have some that I listen to still that is ok to listen to on the mission, so that's fun. I have Beethoven's moonlight sonata that was one that I listened to a lot while i did my homework. This last week was a tough one, but we did see miracles. When we plan every night we try and trust that we're planning appointments and back up appointments for a reason. Well at one point during the day things fell through and we were on our last back up that we had to try. When we got there we saw two women moving stuff out of a uhaul. We went over to offer our help and we talked them into letting us. It was a mom in her 50's and her daughter in mid 20's. They were very grateful. At the end of it all the mom tried to give us each 20 dollar bills, and we tried multiple times to refuse, but she was going to be really sad if we didn't(we managed to leave it when we left). Then the mother started to cry and said that her 18 year old daughter had just passed away and they were all having a really hard time w/ it, so she was very grateful for our help. We couldn't get an appointment w/ them but we left w/ a prayer and tried to teach a little plan of salvation in it, and they said we could come back sometime. So it was a great experience. I love it.
I love you dad. Keep up the amazing work you always do

Elder Hatfield