Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Transfers!!!

Well as you heard I'm getting transferred, to where I don't know. They never tell you so that you come to transfer meeting. lol. I'm really going to miss this ward I love it so much. That picture was sent by my ward mission leaders wife. (Got a fun pic sent to my phone on Sunday) The flowers were picked by their three year old daughter from the bouquet (however you spell that) sitting in the chapel. The guy is someone we've been teaching for 2 and a half months now. Sad news about the confirmation, *** was supposed to be done w/ work in time to make it to sacrament meeting, but his replacement didn't show so they wouldn't let him go. So I didn't get to confirm him yesterday. He will be this next week though. If I stay metro side I'll probably be able to go back and confirm him so I hope to get that opportunity.
I haven't got the package yet but I'm sure it's getting to the office today, but thank you so much for sending it!
I had dinner w/ President Waite's (old boise temple pres.) daughter last night and we just talked all about the temple open house. She gets to tell me some things she hears about it from her dad who was also asked to write a book on the history of the boise temple. So if you see him at the temple you can tell him your son served in his daughters ward and they're amazing. We even got to eat some of the famous homemade donuts they make.
(This was from last week)
We had stake conference yesterday too and it was a broadcast. Did you have a broadcast? I know ours covered colorado, wyoming, and montana. Sister Dalton of the young womans presidency, the first councillor in the young mens presidency, Tad R. Callister in the Pres. of the Seventy, and Elder Russel M. Nelson spoke to us. It was very good. Callister spoke on prayer and was mainly speaking to parents teaching their children. All seven points he brought up, you and mom did wonderfully. It's always cool to see how amazing you and mom were and are.
That's exciting the pigs are coming along and your getting everything all ready for the winter w/ the troughs and what not. I'm going to miss Thanksgiving w/ ya'll doing the pinewood derby and paintball stuff. It sounds like great fun. It's amazing that we are coming to that time of year again. Time is flying by and I'm not sure what to do w/ it.
I love my mission b/c of the experiences I get to have. I'm learning so much it seems like, but there is never enough time to learn it all. Have a great week.  I love you all!!

Elder Hatfield

 Goofy boys!!

 Trunk or Treat!!

 Homemade donuts!!! mmmm

One last hurrah before I move.......