Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

The mom was a little impatient (It's what I do) and knowing that Monday was a holiday was ok, but then Tuesday came and went and nothing, then wednesday, finally after 4 pm on my birthday an email come in!  I suppose you can make fun, or laugh and mock, but if you are not a mom and haven't had your child gone for two years then you wouldn't understand!  When I got to hear from him on my birthday though, was simply priceless!! 
I'm sorry its taken me this long but monday the libraries were closed and yesterday I had a meeting for half the day and finally I get to email. I hope you get the letter I sent you tomorrow. It was sent on monday. Conference was such a blast. It's interesting how even in conference people can sometimes get different things out of it. From reading emails from all of you it sounds like the spirit touched you all in a different way which is cool. The announcement for missionaries is really cool. I tried to look back at when I was 18 and I just wasn't ready then, so it worked out. I needed to go to NNU for a year before my mission. Speaking of NNU, heck yes Im playing baseball still. So sign me up and do whatever needs done, please=) I still love and miss the game. Let me know if I need to do anything. If I had to sum up all of conference I would say that it was teaching us how to become converted to the Gospel. I think the brethren are really trying to help us seek learning by faith and to learn what it means to have the spirit as a constant companion. I really enjoyed all of it. They were all very good. I'm ready to get the ensign w/ them all so I can re-read them again.

No doubt conference was phenomenal. I dont know why, but I get overwhelmed by it every time b/c I just want to get every little bit of whats said into my brain so I can remember and apply it all. Line upon line precept upon precept I suppose. I too loved Elder Holland's talk. he is always a favorite. Ever since Elder Bednar came to our mission he too has become one of my favorite speakers. I bought a couple of his books the first "seek learning by faith," and "act in doctrine." I highly recommend them. I'm learning a lot from them and it's teaching me so much about the Gospel. Check it out if anything. Pres. Monson's talk was amazing as usual. He is a master story teller, and the way he ties it into Gospel messages is phenomenal. That all has come through his faithfulness in his life. I'm definately still learning how to follow promptings of the spirit, but I am learning. 

I love you so much mom. I got a txt from sis. *** (Our Colorado Angel) right before I got here saying you were sad so I hope to brighten your day. Happy Birthday to my young, beautiful, and wonderful mother!

your son,
Elder Hatfield