Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Seek and Understand God

Oh how I miss the temple. I was just thinking yesterday about the only sealing I've been able to witness and that was Tanner Boice's. It was a great experience. It was fun to talk about Eternal Families yesterday. Thank you for your prayers, they absolutely helped. I have to admit that I was proud of myself. I prepared throughout the whole week for it and it was the best I've done, totally and completely b/c of the spirit though. My whole talk was really focused around temple sealings and the importance of having that done. If anything I learned from preparing for it.
We met a new inactive woman this last week who has had a hard life. She became a convert to the church but she wasn't treated the best by some members. The interesting thing though is one of the reasons she has kept a testimony of the church is b/c of members being in her life, always being there for her. This last year her inactive husband went a-wall and left her going and doing things he shouldn't have. This after 38 years of marriage. She was patient though and took him back, and how blessed I know she will be b/c of that. We hope to start meeting her regularly and helping her through things.

The testimonies of you and mom have kept me faithful through my years. I felt very close to you all yesterday as I talked about sealings. I love my mission dearly. I've been guilty for this most of my life, but the world today does not seek God and understanding of God enough. There is a great deal I have to learn. I feel the Lord working very hard here, and I'm learning each and every day from him.
Have a great week
Elder Hatfield

"for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the Father and Son astonishingly are giving away the secrets of the Universe if only we can avoid being offended by their generosity." elder Maxwell (a quote used by Pres. Maynes in reference to a training he gave on D&C 88:34 The Law of the Gospel)