Friday, February 22, 2013

February 22, 2013

Thank you so much for the package!!! It was awesome. I loved your letter the most. This last week we set a man around 60 years old on date. He is prepared for the Gospel. he had a roommate in college who was LDS and it has made an impression on him ever since. We met this man riding our bikes and we asked if we could leave a card w/ him. He agreed and said better yet why don't you give me a book of mormon. In the past week he has read all the way to 2 Ne.2. We set him on date to be baptized March 16. Transfers, is this next week so we'll see if I get to see that happen. I'm not really sure. We just know one of us is going to get transferred.
Sunday we met w/ a member just to drop by and see if he knew anyone we could try and teach and in return we heard an incredible conversion story. He is also the man who had one of dad's framed legacy pics in his house. When he was married his wife was a member and he was not. He was a hard-nosed guy who didn't want to join, but respected it. He was out at work a lot.  At this particular time he was out of town for work. His wife back at home noticed their daughter dragging her feet really bad. They took her to the doctor, who was LDS, and they found out a form of paralysis was moving up her legs and would soon make it to her heart and lungs. The doc told them to come back in the morning and he would bring some specialists in from boulder. Meanwhile this man's wife calls him to tell him the news and says, "if there is ever a time for you to pray, now's the time." So he did and he asked God why he would allow his little girl to go through such a thing and how if it had to happen it should be to him. Well he got an answer he didn't expect. (as he was telling us the story he said, "you probably aren't going to believe me elders."lol). Boom!! right in front of him what looked like flaming words appeared right in front of him and it spelled out,"through your children you will be converted to my church." His first thought was did that really just happen? I'm not really sure I believe that, its going to happen again or something if I'm going to know. Then Boom!!! The same message appeared. The next day the family went to the doctor, he was still at work, and they had all the specialists around. The LDS doctor told them he'd fasted and prayed about the little girl and he feels he needed to give her a blessing. All the specialist stayed. He gave her a blessing of healing and she hopped right up w/ nothing wrong w/ her anymore. It was a miracle. The wife called her husband and told him the great news and he asked her what she was doing that coming weekend b/c he was getting baptized.
Have a great week. I love you all

Nerf War on P-Day
Elder Hatfield