Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

I was so excited to read the letters you sent me. I'm still excited about it. I've told all kinds of people about genealogy this last week and we even went to the genealogy center w/ our now recent convert. He loved it. He has no history on his family and they were able to find stuff for him, which has started a fire burning inside him to do more. Yesterday we got to stand in on the confirmation and it was wonderful. He will do great things in this church, I'm sure of it. He has a strong testimony. Things got even cooler when we got to participate in the conferring the Aaronic Priesthood upon the guy who was baptized in January. I got to stand as the mouthpiece and the spirit we felt there was amazing. I love the Gospel and the great blessings it brings to us all. That family has changed so rapidly in the past few months and I think it's safe to say they are happier than ever. The work truly is moving along. I know it will continue to move in a more rapid pace as time goes on. Satan is in the fullness of his time, but we also live in the time that we have the fullness of the Gospel where God shall win the fight.

The baptism was wonderful. we had good support and it was fun to be the one who got to baptize again. I almost had to do it twice, but I pushed him down under. His head wouldn't find it's way under so I adjusted my feet quickly and forced him all the way under where it got it done the first time. It was kind of comical. The spirit was strong though and it was a great experience.

we met w/ lady this last weekend, different than the one I told Brenden about, and she had all kinds of questions. to my surprise she had read all the way through 1 Nephi in a weeks period. She brought all the anti stuff up though. I greatly enjoy answering questions and I try to prepare myself to give the best answers possible, but in my mind I was frustrated b/c I knew it wouldn't be enough for her. We ended well and talked more about spiritual things w/her which she greatly enjoyed. We all agreed that we must receive an answer by the spirit, and I told her if she is really looking for evidence than she better try harder to find it rather than go to the opposing side only. I've thought about it a lot since we met and I have a plan for what I want to do next time. I will try to ask inspired questions of course with the spirit’s guidance.

Love ya all
Elder Hatfield