Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Howdy Fam!!! Conference was amazing!! It was very comforting b/c of the world we do live in. Thank goodness we as missionaries don't have to hear it all, but people sure do let us know when we don't Elder Holland gave a phenomenal talk. I need to listen to it again b/c of the way he broke things down. It was genius and powerful. To me the whole conference was based upon missionary work and living the commandments. Elder Perry and Pres. Monson were fired up about obedience to the commandments and all will be well. It was a great recharger for us. Well I'm getting transferred. I'm not sure where but will find out tomorrow. THey did something weird and called me to be a zone leader again.  I look forward to the opportunity to do it again though. I'm really going to miss this area. I love the people here w/ all my heart. I have a family I'm leaving here yet again, but duty calls. THis last week we did some service for an older lady in our ward. It was really easy, just cleaning her garden and what not. Her neighbor, that we tracted into one day and turned us down, came over to see if we'd be willing to help her on her garden area's. So the next day we got to do that and she fed us lunch. We found out years and years ago she used to feed the missionaries twice a week. She wasn't interested, but loved them. THen her neighbor, who also turned us down in the past, asked if we could help her. So hopefully more missionary opportunity's will arise from that. We also got a referral from a less active member and got a new investigator out of it. The woman is in her 30's and hasn't been able to find a church here and feels her relationship w/ God isn't where she wants it. I was reminded teaching her, how much sense the Gospel is. I think she was a little surprised to hear how plain our message is and that we challenged her to find out for herself. Of course we'll help her, but we made sure she knew what she had to do. I hope she does b/c I know it will greatly bless her.  I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you and pray for you. The stone will continue to roll forth!! Elder Hatfield