Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Just Smile and Wave

so yup I'm in Grand Junction now. It's interesting b/c we have all kinds of stores again to go to. Not that I can afford any of it, but we have it. My companion is Elder Holmstead and he's a stud. He grew up in boise and went to centennial high school all the way up through his junior year and then he moved to Florida. He graduated 2011 so we only know a few of the same people. And the craziest thing of it all is it's a singles ward. Talk about wake up call. I'm really not sure what to do w/ myself right now, just smile and wave! It's a different kind of missionary work. The ward is a lot more laid back, we have all kinds of activities every week, and we live right across the street from Mesa State University. The area we cover is basically all the stakes on the western slope, so ginormous area, but we stay reasonably close since we only teach singles. You have a crazy week coming up! That willl be fun to get some puppies! You going to keep one?  We have somebody getting baptized this coming Thursday.  He met the missionaries in Wyoming, in fact one of the missionaries he met there is in our singles ward, and when he came here he prayed to meet the missionaries and met them at subway. We met w/ him twice this last week and he expressed how he wasn't sure if Joseph Smith was a prophet. We read Doctrine and Covenants 6 w/ him when the Lord tells Oliver Cowdery basically, i spoke peace to you so what better answer than that? It hit him hard and he realized he believed it and did want to be baptized. I'm really excited. Well I love you. It's even harder for me to email b/c as far as I know we only get 30 minutes. Love ya Elder Hatfield