Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday

Well this Sunday is Mother's Day which means we get to talk to Elder Hatfield (yippee, cartwheels and shouts of joy!!)  Two years is a long time.  May 7 is his birthday and I hate to not be able to share birthdays with our children.  So the countdown is on--- 56 days   and counting..........

Howdy Mom and Dad!!
I really can't believe it. It's kind of weird. (he's talking about that is is now 21!!)  I think I got the license extension taken care of. I've never dealt w/ a fax machine in my life and as easy as it should be I'm sure there is a chance that I messed up. I hope it was all right.
It sounds like a busy but fun weekend w/ Brenden and McCarty coming down. That place is going to look amazing when your all finished! and all the animals your having now. I love it, its crazy. That's a whole other world for me.
This last week was amazing! *** is officially going to be baptized this saturday and he'll have around 15 people coming in for the baptism from different states. Even Alaska! He has left his old life and been really lonely w/o all his old friends. He works in the oil fields and does things himself and then comes home to live w/ himself again, so it's been hard. But this week his brother and sister-in-law started coming over about every day out of the clear blue just to hang out. Then his dad came over yesterday and he has only seen him a couple times in the past year even though they live in about the same town. So prayers have been answered for him as he started to have more people surround him. We also got to meet all the family that's been around his house and though they were a little hesitant they figured out that we were cool dudes. Well thank you for all the birthday wishes! I wish you all another great and busy week!
Love ya lots

Elder Hatfield