Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Happy Mother's Day

I can hardly believe it's already here.  I look forward to talking to all of you on Sunday.  I remember sometime when I was younger when we went shoe shopping.  There was a certain pair of shoes I wanted, but they were expensive, and you wanted me to get a different pair.  You kept trying to help me understand that I needed to get a different pair.  You kept trying to help me understand that I needed to get a different pair that didn't cost so much, but I kept throwing a fit so you just told me, "Fine get it!"  Of course, by that time I wouldn't get it and I got the pair you wanted me to get.  At first I didn't understand why I couldn't get what I wanted but I can still remember the feeling I had when you told me I could get what I wanted.  It wasn't a good one because I knew it hurt you and the Spirit made sure I knew that.  I can only imagine how Joseph Smith must have felt when Martin Harris lost the 116 pages.  From that experience though, I grew to have a glimpse of what a mother truly feels about her children even if they are little twerps.  You have always been so patient w/me.  You were and are the perfect Mother for me.  I will always be proud of my Mamacita.  I'm eternally indebted to you and grateful for your love.  I Love you so much Mom.  Happy Mother's Day!!

A Mother is patient, loving and kind
the Kind that you'd hoped for waiting in line
In the Pre-Earth life we anxiously see
Families are chosen, but what about me
Then it comes my turn, not sure what's to be
I meet my two parents, parents of Three!!
They'd been my best friends, for eons till now
We were all so excited we high five'd a cow
Now looking back, anxiously waiting in line
I got my dear Mother, patient, Loving and kind.

Elder Hatfield