Monday, June 24, 2013

I will finish strong

Thanks Mom for all the experiences I've shared through email and other things getting placed on the blog. Our week was absolutely fantastic. One of our investigators has been investigating for some time now, but has never been baptized. This last week he dropped off his best friend at the MTC and got to visit Temple Square. It was at the temple that he felt the spirit absolutely come over him and he's been on a spiritual high ever since. He came home and knew he needed to be baptized so we finally got to set him on date for July 27. I'm sad I will be home for it, but I'm happy for the experience of helping him get there. Not only that, but his mom who's not a member asked him to take her this coming week to temple square so she can see it. They will do that on Tuesday for his birthday. She wants the missionary lessons as well and asked us to at least teach the first lesson then turn her over to the other missionaries. lol. We have two other guys who will be baptized in the coming months as well. They really want to be baptized. We taught a girl a couple weeks ago and turned her over to the sister missionaries in the ward and she will be baptized this next month as well.

We have seen the work truly hastening in our area. Though college is out it is no longer affecting our teaching pool. We have found 10 new investigators in the last 2 weeks. I've never had that happen in my mission.

I'm really sad to be ending, but I will finish strong here and make the family and Heavenly Father, and Christ proud. I'm coming to terms now with what's happening and I know good things are always to come.

So great things are happening, I love it. We're as busy as can be.

Elder Hatfield